A good listener

I miss running.  Somehow, I regret not joining the CSC Race To Serve yesterday, but judging how things did not work out as well as everyone thought it would, I’d say I saved myself from the trouble.

But you see, the road has always been good to me.  When I run, I just hit the pavement and that’s it, everything else is understood.  I can leave work behind, problems, and even the most mundane things loitering in my head, I can easily leave behind.  And I miss going on a solo flight.  I’ve always been with something; it’s very seldom that I am left alone.

I wish I can hit the pavement soon.  Work will drag me till Thursday, and I want to look good for Dylan, because we’re going out on Friday.  I hope I can hit the pavement soon.


Lemme know what you think.

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