My 2011 Holiday Wish List

I am making this wish list so that you don’t have to think what to give me.  I’d appreciate you making your own wish list too, so I’m sure you’ll like what we give you.  On a best effort basis of course. :)

Moleskine 2012 Weekly Diary – Horizontal
ISBN 978-88-6293-712-2

Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

Refill for my Parker pen, ballpoint black please.

The Harry Potter color-changing mug (I know this is only available in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but I really want one for the Holidays and though it would be absurd to make you go to FL to get this, it would be an injustice if I just ignored the awesomeness of this item!)

A good bag that’s both a shoulder bag and a handbag like this one

Noise-cancelling in-ear earphones in black

First Season of the best show ever FRIENDS

Graphic Notebooks, bound like books

A shoe rack!

Anything with polka dots! :)

(To be continued)


Lemme know what you think.

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