Pompom Crazy!

It bothered me so much that we still didn’t have Christmas decor in the office and it’s almost Christmas!  Although we don’t really celebrate it, I find relief in preparing the tiny things for it.  Work can be pretty stressful sometimes (especially when there are too many unnecessary papers around), so I hauled James and AB to make some Christmas stuff.

I assigned myself to making pompoms!  I got such a kick during Chuchi’s birthday, so I decided we should have a hanging Christmas tree made out of pompoms!  And I managed to make them so big, it’s fantastic!!!

It will most like look something like this, only hanging.

I have a feeling it looks better hanging.  Hahahahaha.  Maybe I should make four more for the base?  Just so it actually looks like a flower tree and not just a triangle of pompoms.  Either way, I think they look festive already!

More to come tomorrow. :)


Lemme know what you think.

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