Cool iPhone Stuff

A lot of paperwork was required in the office for quite some time, so you can only imagine how little attention I’ve been paying to my phone.  Hahahaha.  I am usually attached to these things, but lately I haven’t been.

Did you know I only started playing Temple Run?  When it was trending in the Philippines for the longest time, I was just typing away like the typity type that I am.  So now, I’ve officially started exploring the cool iPhone stuff I’ve been meaning to get for myself.  Or at least, twisting someone else’s arm so they can get it for me.

I’ve never really had my favorite iPhone cover.  To this day, I am using the simple silicone one that makes my phone bounce to safety each time I drop it.  But when I do get this cover — which an amazing blend of the old and the new — I am so making sure that dropping the phone is out of the question.

I don’t even know if this is a legitimate product!  Hahaha.  But nonetheless, I would like to think that being in a tropical country has more benefits than just the 300 days in a year sunbathing option (I don’t even like sunbathing nor do I have a purpose for it as I am already tan).  This solar charger can easily come in handy.  And it’ll also solve the ever present dilemma of poor battery life in iPhones. Found this on here.

I found this on Pinterest and has successfully traced it back to Etsy.  COME ON!  This has to be the coolest iPhone dock ever.  EVERRRRR.  I want it so bad, but it’s as expensive as the shoe I want to get, and I love shoes so I’m in the middle of an internal debate somehow.  BUT if someone would get it for me, that problem is easily solved!

Especially that the owner allows shipping to the Philippines. :)

Last and certainly not the least is the iPhone lens dial.  Named by CNN.go as one of the 10 best travel products for 2012, this is every photography whore’s dream come true.  Come on!  Look at that baby.  Not only will it make your iPhone look more bad ass, but it will also immediately eliminate the time you need to edit your photos because the lens options!  Wide angle!  Fisheye! Telephoto!  And all you do is rotate!  Oh dear God, I want this.

Available in Photojojo.

Look at that.  An instant guide that will make my materialistic side very very happy.  :)


Lemme know what you think.

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