Is it safe out there?

I am starting to rethink my going public with this blog.  A few hours ago over dinner, my mom was just so cryptic in asking about my love life.  Ew.  I appreciate the concern, but still.  My love life is not really dinner conversation.  So yeah, I’m reconsidering publishing on Facebook.

I don’t know if anyone had noticed but I have changed my blog title!  Whoopdedoooo.  Or not really.  I’m still thinking what could be a more memorable one, or at least something that others can easily associate to me.  But then again, I don’t really have that wide of a readership.


As the holidays come nearer and nearer, I can’t help but feel somewhat nostalgic.  Lately, my days have been completely devoid of the holiday spirit.  I’ve been trying to bring it back — actually, for some time there was even collective effort there — but then, it reverts to nonexistence, and I am here again tapping away.

I could use some hot cocoa though.  With whipped cream.  And tiny marshmallows.


The wedding is so near and I am yet to lose the weight I am supposed to be losing.  Ugh.  I need to  be more dedicated to this diet and workout regimen.  He can’t be the only one sexy there.

He has always said he finds me sexy in any form.  I believe him… until I look in the mirror.

My self-esteem badly needs a boost.  And a new hobby.


I miss his voice and the way he sings this song.

I hate this feeling.


Photo nabbed from 1000 Notes.


Lemme know what you think.

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