The red head got me all wrapped up again

I would like to explain my unintentional hiatus.  It is purely because of work.  Honestly.  I’ve been crammed with project after project, and mind you I’m not even done with the primary assignment to begin with.

Photography classes every Saturday tide me over, though.  I cannot wait to share my photos with you… if only I have the time to at least resize them.  Hahaha.

Anyway, I’ve been crushing hard on Ed Sheeran lately.  For those who know me well, they know my stance on having children.  But this song of his… well, it somehow makes me change my mind, at least for a good four minutes.

It really is the sweetest song.  I have never heard someone sing so honestly.

It’s not that I don’t love kids — you can ask anyone and they will tell you the same thing:  I am the perfect babysitter.  Babies and kids automatically love me and I barely try.  They are cute and cuddly and playful… and they’re not for me.  Hahaha.  I like the fact that I can return them to their parents when they start crying or pooping or do magical things with a Sharpie that is way beyond my control.

Some say I only feel this way because the time has not come for me yet.  They say, I just have to see the person I am meant to spend my life with and realize that there is nothing more I would want than to have a son grow up to become just like him.

And with that, I tell them this:


Just saying. :)


Lemme know what you think.

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