Okay, I know this is not a new song, but it hasn’t been long since I first heard it.

I remember it clearly, too.  I decided to start taking this health thing seriously so for the past couple of weeks, I took extra strides to sleep early, wake up early, and workout.  I’ve been packing lunch too, but that’s for a completely different post.  Ever since I’ve made that change, I have to admit the hours at the office don’t seem that long anymore.

And get this:  I’ve also cut down my coffee consumption.  I KNOW RIGHT.  I really didn’t think it was possible, but I am now down to max of 20 ounces per day.  It’s still a lot for most, but for me, that’s already half of what I usually drink.

Anyway, back to the song.  I just finished doing my morning routine, Spotify playing in the background, and then this song came on:

My many artifacts
The list goes on
If you just say the words
I, I’ll up and run

Oh, to you
Ooh, you
Ooh, I’d leave it all

It didn’t really sink in at first, but I am about to leave it all.  It almost seemed poetic but it’s more literal, this song.  Perhaps the only treasure I am most definitely sure of bringing with me are my books, but that’s about it.  I can leave everything behind, and run to you.

Leave it all.

For you.

I think I have the wedding giggles.

George Ezra - Budapest

Have a great day, loves. <3



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