MUSIC MONDAY: Reclaiming this song

Have you ever had that one song you thought was fit for that moment and then you look back and you realize that it’s not?  It’s this song for me.

I first heard this song on the movie Wimbledon and then on Girl Next Door.  Never mind that in those movies, I fell in love with Paul Bettany and Elisha Cuthbert.  I fell in love with the song because of this line.

This year’s love had better last
Heaven knows it’s high time
I’ve been waiting on my own too long


And for the people who know me, I am a serial monogamist and a long term person.  I am always in a relationship and it’s never just a fling.  It’s always serious.  Each time.


But I have never really quite felt belonged.  If that’s even a word.  Have you ever felt that?  Being with someone but not really feeling it’s the right place?

When I heard this song, it was such a perfect fit.  I have been looking for that one great love — a love so great that I do not mind at all that it consumes me.  Because in my head, that’s how it should be.  That’s the kind of love I’ve always witnessed.

My grandmother and grandfather, an arranged marriage that turned out to be one of the best marriages you can ever witness in this lifetime.  My Tatay and Nanay, LDR turned can’t-do-anything-without-you marriage.  My cousins and their drunken nights with their partners who never hesitated to own up to their mistakes and vice versa.  My brother’s not so sneaky kisses to his now wife and stepdaughter.

It’s all over me.  The all consuming love and people didn’t mind it.

And you can only imagine my relief to have found it myself.  I have always thought that a song can only belong to a moment in time, but I never really thought a song can belong entirely to a person.

So I am reclaiming this song.  This is mine.  Always has been and I knew it before I could even admit it.


Lemme know what you think.

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