Our Saturday meetings have recently been my source for these posts, and to be honest, they’re not bad at all!

As the term slowly reaches the finish line, we found ourselves growing much closer to the cafe employees and patrons.  A couple of weeks back, one of the regulars made sure to stream his music throughout the cafe, and we ended up having a music-filled writing session.

This weekend, though, we revisited some classics.  I remember first hearing this song from my cousin’s same-day edit video.  She was one of Jason Magbanua’s first clients and the version he used from their SDE is the one with Gary Granada.  (You can watch it here.)

At first, we were struggling to find out who’s the original version.  Then, one of my co-mentees dropped that line:  Frank Sinatra.  Of course.  That’s the only voice that would feel like you’re being courted and wooed from head to toe.

Plus it doesn’t hurt too, that you’re surround by grounded people with old souls.

That’s all.


MUSIC MONDAY: That’s All by Frank Sinatra

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