MUSIC MONDAY: When I Get My Hands on You by The New Basement Tapes

I’m about 160 days till my wedding.  Yup.  I only have that amount of time.  A little under 6 months, and still there’s a long list of to do’s.  But if there’s something I truly enjoy doing, it’s putting together Our Ultimate Wedding Playlist.

I stumbled upon this song on Spotify (like most of my Music Monday selections) and I like the soft and easy going tune to it.  The New Basement Tapes is something I have never listened to before, but the mix of country and melancholy made me consider this song as part of our prenup photos.

Photo from The Daily Herald

Photo from The Daily Herald

When it comes to these ballads, I tend to gravitate to voices that are not your usual pop tunes.  Of course, my love for pop music will always be there, but when an eclectic piece like this comes your way, matched with the perfect lyric, it’s quite hard to refuse making it a new favorite.

20150727 When I Get My Hands On You

Who wouldn’t fall in love with that?



Lemme know what you think.

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