Again, another Spotify find.

20150824 Brave by The Shires

It was recently added to the Date Night playlist.  And that’s one thing LDR couples don’t really have much of:  date night.  In my case, we’re on opposite sides of the world and the closest I’ve been with him is 12 hours apart.  His sun is my moon and vice versa.  And at this rate, we’re one of the lucky ones.

Don’t get me wrong; friends and family know how we make the most out of our situation.  I am also eternally grateful for friends and family that know exactly when and how to lift my spirits up when I do miss him more than I could handle.  But date night… well, nothing beats date night.

And on one of those days I chose to just wallow on the fact that I am so far away from the one I love, a music streaming app gave me the picture of a great date night.

Well, let me hold your heart, let me be the one
You’ll never have to feel so alone
Let me bring you back to the world, back home

Can’t wait to have you come home to my arms, love.


MUSIC MONDAY: Brave by The Shires

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