MUSIC MONDAY: No One’s Gonna Love You by Band of Horses

I’ve heard this song way too many times:  movie soundtrack, coming-of-age television shows, and even from other friends’ playlists.  With Shondaland churning out crappy music week after week (if you watch Grey’s Anatomy, you know what I mean), I suddenly had a strong yearning for meaningful music.

What is meaningful actually?  Do you have to be able to relate to the lyrics for it to be meaningful?  Does it have to latch on to a memory, a single moment in time?  Did the writer have to be in a suspended pensive state when he/she wrote the music and lyrics?  Do the lyrics have to sound like a conversation you cannot make happen?  Will it have to reflect your subconscious, a repressed memory of sorts?  How does a song become meaningful?

I’m not really sure myself, but maybe it’s all of those things combined.  But this song… these lyrics though…

20151102 No One's Gonna Love You Band of Horses

And while I am absolutely enthralled by the original, their acoustic performance is just as haunting.

It also made me think, how can I get that effect in the background for my wedding?

I am a mess of sorts.

Have a great week ahead, folks.



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