#TWNP Blog Chain with Kate Gold

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned writing challenge?

Kate Gold of Majestic Golden Rose is going around town inviting everyone to a writing chain that will kick off on May 17, Sunday, 2:30 pm EST.

Similar to the TeensCanWriteToo Blog, each month Kate will have a prompt and it will be your task to sign up to respond in your blog.  Sign ups are each month and participants get to pick the date.

I think this is such a healthy way to fuel your creative juice.  It’s extra nice too that people like Kate go the extra mile to encourage empowerment of the written word!  Hah.

As much as I want to tune in to the kick off, I’ll be at work by then.  But for those of you who are free to join, you can see the event details here.  Kate has made available two channels for this video chat kick off; hangout with her on Google or on YouTube.  The choice is yours.

Let’s make our online time more productive and join this creative venture!  Don’t forget to invite your blogger friends!  The more thoughts, the better.  Everything you need to know about this event, you can find in this Pin-able image:

TWNP Writing Chain

If you’re joining the kick off, please do tell me all about it. <3

Have fun writing!


S/HE SAID: Killing them a second time

Elie Wiesel

For the survivor who chooses to testify, it is clear: his duty is to bear witness for the dead and for the living. He has no right to deprive future generations of a past that belongs to our collective memory. To forget would be not only dangerous but offensive; to forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time.


— Elie Wiesel, Professor, Author, Nobel Laureate, Holocaust Survivor
(Photo Source)

Surviving the bridal fair

I have been planning parties, events and joined in coordinating weddings for family and friends for the longest time now.  You would think that I would be used to the whole cycle at this point:  fawn over engagement, hit the bridal fairs, haggle discounts, fittings/proofing/redesigning, mock set ups, the whole enchilada.  But the second one still gets on my bones each time:

The bridal fair attendance.

Bridal fairs are amazing events by man.  Really.  I remember some older women in the family saying that before, there were no bridal fairs to go to.  You had to search for your supplier one at a time; all of them are never in the same place.  So you can only imagine the convenience you will gain by going to a bridal fair.

So I went to the first one I can find, just a week after Le Beau left for the US.


These fairs will only be convenient if you want it to be.  Otherwise, it’s just a pool of information that will probably only be 10% useful.  So here are some tips for your bridal fair trips.

1.  Register.  Really.  Most of these things have a pre-registration period so it’s best to do that so you can avoid the long lines on the day itself.  Some fairs allow unregistered guests, but most of the time, those who have signed up qualify for raffles, instant prizes and other wedding giveaways.

2.  Bring a bag for the fliers.  At this point, fliers are everywhere and I mean everywhere.  Suppliers will hand these out to you the moment you set foot in the fair.  And they are never the same size.  There are leaflets, brochures, business cards, DVDs of accomplished works, one after the other.  You will need a bag for those.  They can be plentiful and it’s really hard to hold them.  Funny though, no supplier situated by the door ever thought of immediately giving out ecobags.  I definitely remembered the first supplier that gave me a bag, ALBERGUS.  Love it.

3.  Be polite.  The entire floor is filled with suppliers of the same everything.  Photographers, videographers, florists, event stylists, coordinators, makeup artists, couturiers, invitations, mobile bars, nothing is unique.  And sure, it does get repetitive — flier here and there, “Free sample makeup!”, good morning mamsirs — but please do not lose your composure and become bitchy.  They paid for their space there and surely it is not cheap; they’re making the most of their investment.  Just smile, say “No, thanks” if uninterested, walk away politely.  No need to become so rude over declining free cake tasting.

4.  Plan ahead.  This has to be the most important tip of all.  To avoid all the nuisance, research way ahead of time for the suppliers and vendors you are interested in.  Check the bridal fair’s website and see if they’re joining the fair.  If you are just on the scanning and scouting phase, decide on a budget frame, so you’ll know immediately which vendors to avoid and which to approach.

Planning any event is supposed to be fun and exciting; it’s the complete behind-the-scenes look to what could be the best event of the year.  Make you do not lose the fun in it.  With all that effort being exerted in perfecting every detail, make the most of it and have a good time.

That’s it.  Yeah.  Another bridal fair this February.  I managed to secure a couple of suppliers for the first one, and this fair comes right at the time when I’m supposed to be booking coordinators, florists and printers.  And it has wondrous promos that question if Lady Luck is on your side.  So… who’s joining me?


Holiday engagements

I have managed to keep a secret.  That has to be the ultimate goal I achieved this year.

For a little over a month, my brother Ted has been running around and scouring for the perfect engagement ring for the love of his life, Aidel.  They’ve only been dating for a little under a year and well, what can I say?  The heart wants what it wants and it wanted a good woman.

So we scoured at Etsy, at Instagram, our local jewelers, and finally, with the help of Brother 1 Paolo (who would’ve thought?!) we managed to find the perfect ring for her.

Le ring

I remember the night before he popped the question.  He said he was nervous, what if she says no.  My mother and I scoured for every single encouraging word that would lift his spirits but in the end, he only needed to hear one thing:

Tatay would want you to be brave.

And he was.

So atop the Prism Plaza beside the SM Mall of Asia, inside the House of Wagyu Smokeless Grill, he popped the question.

And she hasn’t stopped crying since.  Well, she has but you know what I mean. :)

Le cry

Let’s get ready for a December wedding, shall we? :)

Oh Sir Boy, we miss you oh so achingly.