#TWNP Blog Chain with Kate Gold

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned writing challenge?

Kate Gold of Majestic Golden Rose is going around town inviting everyone to a writing chain that will kick off on May 17, Sunday, 2:30 pm EST.

Similar to the TeensCanWriteToo Blog, each month Kate will have a prompt and it will be your task to sign up to respond in your blog.  Sign ups are each month and participants get to pick the date.

I think this is such a healthy way to fuel your creative juice.  It’s extra nice too that people like Kate go the extra mile to encourage empowerment of the written word!  Hah.

As much as I want to tune in to the kick off, I’ll be at work by then.  But for those of you who are free to join, you can see the event details here.  Kate has made available two channels for this video chat kick off; hangout with her on Google or on YouTube.  The choice is yours.

Let’s make our online time more productive and join this creative venture!  Don’t forget to invite your blogger friends!  The more thoughts, the better.  Everything you need to know about this event, you can find in this Pin-able image:

TWNP Writing Chain

If you’re joining the kick off, please do tell me all about it. <3

Have fun writing!


Lemme know what you think.

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