#VBxTarget is a sign that spring has sprung

I usually don’t go for long titles, but I couldn’t help it.  When Victoria Beckham first announced her collaboration with Target, I knew I would need to have at least a piece of what she’s offering.  Then when she elaborated that it’ll be a 200+ piece collection, costing no more than $70, I KNEW I HAVE TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE.

The mild heart attack I got when I first saw her lookbook was because the collection was every bit Victoria Beckham but the price of Target.  I think most of the looks were under $40!  She wasn’t kidding when she said that she wants those who usually cannot afford her items to have a piece of her brilliance.


I told the husband that I will be shopping at least two looks, and I can’t help but ignore that worried brow when he said, “Okay.”  Hahaha.  Every dress tickled my fancy; for a moment, I was so vain to think she’s designed for my favorite silhouette!

With all the clothes she has put together, I know these are my must haves:

Because it’s friggin spring

I have the fondest memories of culottes.

My most favorite silhouette ever


Because legs.

And I still live for green.

What about you?  Check out her entire lookbook here!


Clean Up Time!

One of the things that I had to thoroughly adjust to when I moved here is my skincare routine.  All my life, I’ve lived on a tropical island.  My hair have had natural volume for as long as I can remember, and my skin with a light sheen from the humidity.  But here, it is a completely different thing.

Winter was the worst.  I have never experienced such polarities in my entire life!  One day, my skin is as dry as powder and cracking, the next day it goes hyper oily.  Honestly, I’ve never even broken out for the longest time, but it all changed when I got here.  So that was the priority:  get a skincare regimen in order.

I do this routine once a week, and so far, my face is liking it.  I wash my face with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, 6 Ounce, rinsing it off with warm water.  It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, it’s unscented, and it comes off easily, so I’m never really worried about residue.

This facial wash really helped controlling my breakouts.  I found most products here in the US to be quite harsh, but Neutrogena has served me well so far.

After rinsing, I put on this glorious mask.  It’s always part of Amazon’s Best Sellers, and if you’re an Amazon fan, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this around.

This mask can easily be applied, but once I left the lid slightly open and the edges hardened.  Hahahaha.  So always take care of your product.  That way, it can take care of you.  😉

Pure Body Naturals Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask for Facial Treatment, 250g / 8.8 fl.oz needs to be left on for at least 15 minutes.  I usually leave it on for 20, but that’s because I wait for everything to completely dry out.  Rinse with warm water and pat dry.  AND I MEAN JUST PAT.  I dried off overzealously before and it left some red streaks across my face.

WORD OF CAUTION WITH THE MUD MASK!!!!  You have to make sure that your sink is cleared of all its residue.  Once, I forgot to drain it completely and the mud mask residue got stuck on the sink.  Hahahaha.  Don’t worry it comes off with warm water and a light scrubbing!  It’s just a morbid scene to wake up to.

A zit still pops out every now and then, but they don’t come in droves anymore.  When one shows up, I make sure that I cover it up with Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover, Two Sizes, 36 Count.  It dries up the zit overnight and it doesn’t have to swell up so noticeably anymore!  It’s such a joy.  I used the same product back in my home country and I’m so happy I found the same one here.

The mask helped in refining some laugh lines (since I’ve been using it for the past 6 months), and it never fails to leave me feeling clean and moisturized.  I still put on a pea sized amount of moisturizer, but not immediately after the mask.  I cherish the smoothness and cleanliness of my skin for a good five minutes or so.  Hahahaha.

There you go!  What’s your skin cleansing routine?


Oh, Posh <3

I was browsing YouTube the other night, trying to find something to put me to sleep when I stumbled upon this interview featuring Victoria Beckham.  She was a guest at Parsons The New School for Design in NY, hosted by the dean Simon Collins.

Parsons Victoria Beckham Simon Collins

I have always loved her, ever since Spice Girls.  When she transitioned to fashion, I was surprised but I was pleased.  Everything in her collections scream her.  Nothing is not her personality.  And this interview shows how humble and grounded she is as a designer entrepreneur.

What I love about this talk was there was never a time she didn’t acknowledge her team.  It was all about collaboration for her, and I love hearing it straight from her.

Most people would assume that fashionistas are prima donnas, but after this interview, I don’t think I’ll ever make that assumption about her ever again.

Key takeaway?  “Work for others.  It’s the best way to learn.”

Watch the interview here:

Perfecting the manly selfie

Here’s the thing with long distance relationships: communication is key. I’m not even going to pretend to be an expert at it, but I do know that. Communication, in all forms, is key.

I’m very happy that Le Beau is as committed to it as I am. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t plan my days and nights around the times he’ll call. He is, however, diligent in following our designated date “night”, usually Sunday morning here, Saturday evening there. It makes me look forward to some quiet time with him and date nights never fail to complete my week.

And even though Philippine Internet service providers are absolutely crappy because of unreliable service availability (yes, I do hold a grudge, especially when I pay almost Php 2,000 a month for on and off service), he has mastered the art of taking manly selfies.

This is not to say that there are unmanly selfies. It’s just that vain is something you won’t describe him to be, but because he knows I love seeing him in his different environments, he indulges me so.

There’s the work selfie

Le Beau 1

It’s carbon black week!

Le Beau 2

Safety goggles on! :)

Le Beau 3

My own Heisenberg

The post workout selfie

Post BJJ

Post BJJ

Post swimming with Lily

Post swimming with Lily

Post winter workout

Post winter workout

And the occasional cutesy.

He *is* cute.

He *is* cute.

I love it when he dresses up.  His job very rarely requires him to do that.  If he were here, I would so shop for his clothes. Not that I hate his choices. I just know he cleans up nicely and well, I would love to clean him up too.

Checkmate :)

Checkmate :)

I love his button down shirts. I think he’s still getting used to the word polo.  What I like is that he knows what color palette he looks good in:  blues, grays and blacks.  Oh this man is so meant to dress up with me!  Hahaha.  I found different styles of men’s polo shirts over at Zalora, and well… come on. My man cleans up well.  And I can’t help but imagine him in them.

Found a classy coat for the winter

Found a classy coat for the winter

<3 So handsome

And the manly selfies keep coming to me.  He does however need to clean out his mirror.

I know this is a cheesy post and all, but allow me to gush please? He looks good in these selfies after all. <3

52 days and I'll see you again.

52 days and I’ll see you again.