#VBxTarget is a sign that spring has sprung

I usually don’t go for long titles, but I couldn’t help it.  When Victoria Beckham first announced her collaboration with Target, I knew I would need to have at least a piece of what she’s offering.  Then when she elaborated that it’ll be a 200+ piece collection, costing no more than $70, I KNEW I HAVE TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE.

The mild heart attack I got when I first saw her lookbook was because the collection was every bit Victoria Beckham but the price of Target.  I think most of the looks were under $40!  She wasn’t kidding when she said that she wants those who usually cannot afford her items to have a piece of her brilliance.


I told the husband that I will be shopping at least two looks, and I can’t help but ignore that worried brow when he said, “Okay.”  Hahaha.  Every dress tickled my fancy; for a moment, I was so vain to think she’s designed for my favorite silhouette!

With all the clothes she has put together, I know these are my must haves:

Because it’s friggin spring

I have the fondest memories of culottes.

My most favorite silhouette ever


Because legs.

And I still live for green.

What about you?  Check out her entire lookbook here!


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