I survived winter!

One of the most drastic changes about migrating to the other side of the world?  The weather.

I first experienced snow last year, when Jonas welcomed me with 36 inches.  My husband was shoveling and I was just jumping on the icy clouds that fell on our driveway and around my feet.  He kept saying that I won’t enjoy it for long, especially seeing it turn into slush.  He also says anyone who drives doesn’t really enjoy snow that much, given the amount of cleanup that happens before you can actually drive your car.

I am enjoying it though.  I really am!  But my physical body doesn’t.  Here are the stuff that I’ve needed for surviving the winter.  It took me a while to find the one that meshed with me the best, but hey!  Now that my second one is about to end, I have to pat myself in the back for not having repeated mishaps from last year.

  1.  Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.  I prefer the beeswax flavor (I believe it’s the original one) because it has healed my lips so fast and has prevented them from cracking.  I tried a different brand last year, but it didn’t moisturize as much.  Plus, I love the tingly minty feeling it leaves on my lips.  It is also a good base for my lipstick.

  2. UGG Boots.  This, I completely owe to my sister Mel.  Last year, I survived with something similar, and I thought, hey I don’t need those booths after all.  But when she gifted me my first pair this year, boy was I wrong.  My feet were warm and toasty, I had perfect balance thanks to the soles that prevented me from slipping, and it keeps me dry!  So dry!  I love it.

  3. Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment.  My skin dries up so fast that most of the time, regular lotion doesn’t quite cut it.  This ointment has helped the skin around my nails from cracking.  I’ve also been urging my husband to use it for his hands too, as he constantly soaps and washes his hands at work, giving him EXTREMELY dry hands.  Also, I slather this baby on my feet, especially my cracked heels, at night.  With the help of a good ol’ pair of socks, my skin is now on its way to being baby smooth.

  4. That one coat that goes everywhere anytime.  Again, a pro tip from my sister Mel.  You must have that one coat that you can throw on and brave the cold winds with.  It’s just that one coat that keeps you warm as you get from Point A to B.

  5. A hair dryer.  This, I learned the hard way.  I thought they were just kidding when they said you’ll get sick when you go out during winter with wet hair.  So of course, I tested the waters.  After coming down with the flu and a sore throat that put me out of commission for at least a week (and no appetite for almost 5 days!), I now realize the importance of the hair dryer my husband got me.  I do cheat still, from time to time, and not completely dry my hair.  But keeping my scalp as dry as possible, and maybe the ends just slightly damp, I haven’t been down that long since.


You may need more than the five items on this list, like thicker socks, gloves, and maybe a hat.  But so far, these essentials are all I’ve needed.  I can’t really speak of experience of course, since I’ve only been here for two winters.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have a more expanded list in the future, especially when the husbands starts to ask me to help him shovel.  Hahaha.  Until then, I’ll just have all these in handy.

How was your winter?



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