Clean Up Time!

One of the things that I had to thoroughly adjust to when I moved here is my skincare routine.  All my life, I’ve lived on a tropical island.  My hair have had natural volume for as long as I can remember, and my skin with a light sheen from the humidity.  But here, it is a completely different thing.

Winter was the worst.  I have never experienced such polarities in my entire life!  One day, my skin is as dry as powder and cracking, the next day it goes hyper oily.  Honestly, I’ve never even broken out for the longest time, but it all changed when I got here.  So that was the priority:  get a skincare regimen in order.

I do this routine once a week, and so far, my face is liking it.  I wash my face with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, 6 Ounce, rinsing it off with warm water.  It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, it’s unscented, and it comes off easily, so I’m never really worried about residue.

This facial wash really helped controlling my breakouts.  I found most products here in the US to be quite harsh, but Neutrogena has served me well so far.

After rinsing, I put on this glorious mask.  It’s always part of Amazon’s Best Sellers, and if you’re an Amazon fan, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this around.

This mask can easily be applied, but once I left the lid slightly open and the edges hardened.  Hahahaha.  So always take care of your product.  That way, it can take care of you.  😉

Pure Body Naturals Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask for Facial Treatment, 250g / 8.8 fl.oz needs to be left on for at least 15 minutes.  I usually leave it on for 20, but that’s because I wait for everything to completely dry out.  Rinse with warm water and pat dry.  AND I MEAN JUST PAT.  I dried off overzealously before and it left some red streaks across my face.

WORD OF CAUTION WITH THE MUD MASK!!!!  You have to make sure that your sink is cleared of all its residue.  Once, I forgot to drain it completely and the mud mask residue got stuck on the sink.  Hahahaha.  Don’t worry it comes off with warm water and a light scrubbing!  It’s just a morbid scene to wake up to.

A zit still pops out every now and then, but they don’t come in droves anymore.  When one shows up, I make sure that I cover it up with Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover, Two Sizes, 36 Count.  It dries up the zit overnight and it doesn’t have to swell up so noticeably anymore!  It’s such a joy.  I used the same product back in my home country and I’m so happy I found the same one here.

The mask helped in refining some laugh lines (since I’ve been using it for the past 6 months), and it never fails to leave me feeling clean and moisturized.  I still put on a pea sized amount of moisturizer, but not immediately after the mask.  I cherish the smoothness and cleanliness of my skin for a good five minutes or so.  Hahahaha.

There you go!  What’s your skin cleansing routine?


The comfort of summer wear

Earlier this week, I made mention of the beautiful weather when we shot the next collection for our mini online store Max and Lily.  We shot at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, slightly after 3 in the afternoon and my oh my.  The sun was beautiful.

Max and Lily BTS

So we present to you the newest collection for Max and Lily:  more kimonos, more skirts.

With summer definitely making itself at home today, kimonos (P200-P250) are the best way to coverup that swimsuit for a walk down the beach or just add a little tropical to your office wear.

Max and Lily Long Kimono at P250 each

Max and Lily Long Kimono at P250 each

Max and Lily Floral Kimono at P200 each

Max and Lily Floral Kimono at P200 each

Max and Lily Regular Kimono at P200 each

Max and Lily Regular Kimono at P200 each

Skater skirts (P200) are perfect for your tweener.  Full and flowy, it is a comfortable stylish addition to any girls’ closet.  Long legged?  Then these skirts are definitely the ones that will flaunt your legs.  Ah, the joy.

Max and Lily Skater Skirt at P200 each

Max and Lily Skater Skirt at P200 each

Midi skirts (P250) or also known as circle skirts make office and casual wear a little more vintage.  Style it up with a hint of glimmer and a pearl here and there, and you’re good to go!

Max and Lily Midi Skirt at P250 each

Max and Lily Midi Skirt at P250 each

Do we even have to debate how maxi skirts (P300) are just effortlessly fashionable?  These comfortable leg blankets are so versatile, you can throw anything on top of it.  Your personal style will shine through.

Max and Lily Maxi Skirts at P300 each

Max and Lily Maxi Skirts at P300 each

If you’re looking for something that would perfectly match your denim shorts and maxi skirts, these cropped lace tops (P170) are perfect for you.  Perfectly balanced comfort and sexy, nothing else screams like summer.

Max and Lily Cropped Lace Top at P170 each

Max and Lily Cropped Lace Top at P170 each

All items are available in a multitude of colors.  To place orders, just email us at  Follow us also on Instagram and Facebook for latest updates and shop information.


  Prices are in Philippine Peso.  Currently not available for international shipping.  

Falling for Kate

For those of you who just tuned in to my blog (naks), I want to state right off the bat that I am not a girly girl.  I am subtle girl.  Pogi girl if you may.  But there’s only one thing that turns me into a full on floral loving, bow donning, polka dot hugging girly girl:  Kate Spade.

They have a couple of local stores here in the Philippines.  Although I really love the accessibility, I have to hate customs and taxes for almost doubling the price of their products.  Worse, I can’t even buy online when they’re on sale because they’ve already set up a local store.  So while I look for ways to buy their sale items, I explore their new arrivals.

The Spring 2013 catalog is filled with golf references but these are the pieces I fell in love with the most.

L-R:  Avery Capri, Robbie Skirt

L-R: Avery Capri, Robbie Skirt

L-R:  Dawn Dress, Rhys Dress, Rosina Dress

L-R: Dawn Dress, Rhys Dress, Rosina Dress

L-R:  Roslyn Top, Shannon Top

L-R: Roslyn Top, Shannon Top

The clean lines, solid colors and simple shapes just draw me to this collection.  They’re quite preppy too.

But of course I cannot deny that I loved Kate Spade bags primarily.  I mean, who wouldn’t?


Clockwise from top:  Battery Park City Ruthie, Cabana Tile Sydney, Garden Grove, West Valley Valentine

Clockwise from top: Battery Park City Ruthie, Cabana Tile Sydney, Garden Grove, West Valley Valentine

Come on!  You have to admit these pieces are just charming.  I like the fact that they’re so tastefully crafted that these can easily go from corporate to casual.

And let’s not forget, those charming iPhone cases!

L-R:  Petula Stripes, Get Carried Away

L-R: Petula Stripes, Get Carried Away

These two are fantastic additions to an already witty line.  I swear if I just didn’t drop my phone so much, I would have opted for these charming ones instead of a clunky Otterbox.

Which, by the way, I am very grateful for, given that I drop my phone for some reason at least twice a week.

Le sigh.  I wonder what else could come my way.  Looking at pretty things certainly brighten my mood, but the fact that I have decided to be more prudent and channel my funds to more meaningful causes just brings so much pain to my heart.

Or rather my shopping heart.  It’s a different one altogether.

And given that I had a pretty awful day in the office, I’m glad it’s these sweet little nothings that perk me up.

These and phone calls that last forever.

Good night everyone.  See you tomorrow.


Images from Kate Spade | Shop their latest collection here

I cannot delay these anymore!

At the risk of sounding shallow, I am about to post all the things that are essential to my wardrobe and whims.  Hahahaha.

But really, these are the things that I have constantly postponed getting because I keep telling myself, they won’t run out, or that they’re always there.  Now that I have school and I actually feel the need to be constantly mobile, I have to remind myself that I lack the following:

Photo from Villman

I didn’t really think I would need additional storage so soon!  It was a couple of weeks ago when my external hard drive started flashing red.  I only have about 20G of space left in the 500G baby, so yeah, I need space and I need it soon.

Photo from Sabo Skirt

Some of you might think a good pair of denim shorts is not essential but it is.  Ask my family.  They would know.  BWAHAHAHA.


Sage Ballet Flats by Ichigo Shoes

Again, let me just reiterate:  one can never have too many shoes, particularly flats.  Now that I am constantly everywhere, trying to accomplish a smoother work-study-life balance, I need good comfortable shoes to keep my feet light and quick.  I already got my running shoes, so yeah, these commuter babies are the next ones I need.

And last, but certainly not the least,

Oxford Laptop Bag by Beabi

I currently use the gigantic laptop issued to me at work.  Because I am so behind in documentation, I take it wherever I go, and it’s becoming really hard to lag around a Havaianas canvas tote bag.  I mean, if I have that bag, I shouldn’t really expect to be taken seriously.  I need something that looks official and holds all my shit together.  Coz I have so much shit I don’t know where to place.

So there.  A blog especially dedicated to the list I have been avoiding for the longest time.  Now where’s that long overdue bonus?!

Lolli Puff’d Away!

I know I’ve been posting a lot of clothes, but since most of you, I’m sure, have been prepping for your summer body, it’s now the time to start seeing those results!

Lolli Puff came out with its second collection this weekend, and I must admit, I am liking what I am seeing.  This collection appeals to me a lot because of the formal details in the items.  Besides, with the weight gain, I can easily slip into these. :)

Feel free to agree!  Here are some pieces that I am mulling over at present.

Get to see the entire second collection here!

And now, I must reevaluate my finances and how they seem to be rapidly depleting in spite of the fact that it was JUST payday.  Hahahaha.  Hope your summer is lovely, everyone. :)