A little here and there

How have you been enjoying our National Poetry Month features so far?  I wish to be more consistent, perhaps to catch up with the days I’ve missed — from both ends — I may be uploading more than one select poem a day.  Bear with me, but if art is something you wish to consume, I’m happy to serve it to you.

Here in the Philippines, we just enjoyed a good 5-day weekend, thanks to the Holy Week.  For the Catholics, it was a period of penance, but for us, it was more like stewing in our own sweat.  The summer heat is really knocking and it’s almost dizzying!  For now, we’re just thankful that the water company’s planned service period was put on hold.  We didn’t have to endure the humidity waterless.

I’m really thankful for the weather especially last week because the Sisterhood went for a quick photoshoot at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.  More on that later. ;)

I think I’ve been bathing twice a day now.  I really am not fond of summer, and it’s quite ironic, given that I live in a tropical country.  I love the rain still.  They have a word for it, I believe:


Le Beau seems to be on a mission to make me love summer, or at least the beach.  He comes for a visit by December — just in time for my brother’s wedding — and some much needed R&R with me.  He asked me to take him somewhere we can really just relax and unwind.  My mind immediately goes to the summer capital of the Philippines and some light trekking here and there, but then, he fell in love with this view:


Oh yes.  We’re headed to Boracay.

I’m still looking for a good enough hotel — not so cheap, but not so pricey — that can give him quick access to the best sand in the world, and a fantastic lounge area for my reading needs.  I know I know, I can be boring like that, but I can’t deny the joy and the calm that come with reading a book by the sea.

They say Boracay sand is perfect.  Never heats up.  Always cool.  Perfect powder.

I hope I enjoy it as much as he does.

That’s the basic musings for today.  Then again, it’s just Monday.


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