S/HE SAID: All the time

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S/HE SAID: You do not get unlimited chances

SHESAID Addison Montgomery-Shepherd

You do not get unlimited chances to have the things we want. And this I know. Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could change your life.

— Addison Montogomery-Shepherd, Grey’s Anatomy


S/HE SAID: I need something to be good

Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC © 2014 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Photo: Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd)

Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC © 2014 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. Photo: Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd)

I need something to be good. I need something to feel right. OK? I’m not depressed. My heart is not broken. I’m not grieving. She’s not dead. She’s out there. She’s living out her dreams. And I know, I know she’s happy. And that makes me feel proud for her. But there is this other feeling that doesn’t completely feel fair. Or right. Or good. She goes on day in and day out, happy without me. And every morning I wake up and there’s this pit, this feeling here that maybe my dreams are over. Maybe, maybe I had my dreams, and they’re over now. And I’m going to be this single guy. No wife, no kids, no family. She was my family. And now she’s someplace else, and I let her go. And it’s good that I did. I mean, it’s better for her. But for me…  So I need something to be good. I need a reason to get up every morning, to not crawl back in that cave that I was in before I met her. You know she saved me. You were there. You remember how I was. I was dark. That war made me dark. And that darkness, it is still in me. She just lit it up. So I just thought, I just thought, maybe to beat back that darkness, I would be something good. I would do something good.

— Owen Hunt, Grey’s Anatomy, Season 11 Episode 3

No more room for TWD

Le Beau is absolutely in love with this show.  For me, though, when I heard zombie apocalypse, I just never ever ever steered anywhere near it.  Until he convinced me to.

Let me give you a quick background about me and TV shows:  I invest in them, they invest in me.  Whenever I pick a TV show to watch, I get involved.  I collect quotes, go to fan fiction sites, read up reviews, offer theories, suggest new storylines.  Yup.  I invest in them as they invest in me.  And being a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you can only imagine how emotionally drained I am by now.  You don’t get to 11 seasons without deaths and lowests of lows here and there.

And then The Walking Dead.  Oh dear Lord how I wish it was just about zombies.  More and more people are complaining that it’s becoming too dramatic, and I have to agree to that.  It just went from scary to gross, the effects I mean.

But…. I love drama.  And compelling dialogue.  And those facial reactions that speaks soliloquies.  Then, just like in Shondaland, AMC kills them off one by one.

(Of course, I looked up the comics.  Of course I know who’s next.  Of course I am utterly destroyed.  I love that character.)

So before I immerse (yet again) in predictions as to how they will play out the second half of this season, have fun with these quotables.  I know I did.

The Walking Dead - Beth

The Walking Dead - Glen Hershel

The Walking Dead - Michonne

The Walking Dead - Andrea

The Walking Dead - Rick

The Walking Dead - Lori

The Walking Dead - Carol

The Walking Dead - Daryl

I would like to thank the beautiful world of Tumblr and Pinterest for being my resources.

Are you invested in this show too?