No more room for TWD

Le Beau is absolutely in love with this show.  For me, though, when I heard zombie apocalypse, I just never ever ever steered anywhere near it.  Until he convinced me to.

Let me give you a quick background about me and TV shows:  I invest in them, they invest in me.  Whenever I pick a TV show to watch, I get involved.  I collect quotes, go to fan fiction sites, read up reviews, offer theories, suggest new storylines.  Yup.  I invest in them as they invest in me.  And being a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you can only imagine how emotionally drained I am by now.  You don’t get to 11 seasons without deaths and lowests of lows here and there.

And then The Walking Dead.  Oh dear Lord how I wish it was just about zombies.  More and more people are complaining that it’s becoming too dramatic, and I have to agree to that.  It just went from scary to gross, the effects I mean.

But…. I love drama.  And compelling dialogue.  And those facial reactions that speaks soliloquies.  Then, just like in Shondaland, AMC kills them off one by one.

(Of course, I looked up the comics.  Of course I know who’s next.  Of course I am utterly destroyed.  I love that character.)

So before I immerse (yet again) in predictions as to how they will play out the second half of this season, have fun with these quotables.  I know I did.

The Walking Dead - Beth

The Walking Dead - Glen Hershel

The Walking Dead - Michonne

The Walking Dead - Andrea

The Walking Dead - Rick

The Walking Dead - Lori

The Walking Dead - Carol

The Walking Dead - Daryl

I would like to thank the beautiful world of Tumblr and Pinterest for being my resources.

Are you invested in this show too?



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