It lasts longer

I would have to be one of the many that mourn Paris’ decision to permanently remove all the love locks around Pont des Artes.

Being one of the most visited places in the world, those locks signify eternal love and has become one of the must stops for lovers the world over.

I bet this decision didn’t come as a surprise to Paris’ beloved patrons, especially when a portion of the bridge collapsed early last year because of the weight of the locks on the bridge.

Love Locks with Allan 4

I am happy though that Paris is finally taking a stronger stand in preserving its heritage.  Pont des Artes is one of the bridges that cross the Seine.

What makes me even happier is that the saying “take a picture, it lasts longer” was something I took to heart when Le Beau and I visited that famous bridge.

Love Locks with Allan

We were planning going back on our fifth anniversary maybe and spot that lock but I guess that’s not going to happen now. But the beautiful thing is the bridge will be riddled with artwork from various international artists.  Paris still stays true to its form as the art capital of the world.  At least for me.

Oh I am so happy that we have proof that Paris knew we pledged our love forever.

Love Locks with Allan 3


All The Good Things with Up Dharma Down

It has been a very hectic couple of months as school, wedding and work all fought for my time and attention.  I was in dire need of a relaxing couple of hours, a few moments that need not require deep slumber.  So when I was invited to listen to the genius that is Up Dharma Down, who am I to refuse such wonderful company?


At the musical hotspot 12 Monkeys in Century Mall, Makati, Up Dharma Down set the stage as they unveil their newest single All The Good Things inspired by their recent travel to Singapore.

I love this band.  I really do.  I love them so much, I get goosebumps each time I hear them perform.  Because it is never short of soul or spirit or inspiration.  So I’m not surprised that they came up with new music while on vacation.

UDD in Gardens by the Bay

In collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, the band signals a refreshed initiative to invite Filipino travelers to see Singapore in a whole new light and to share with them the unique experiences available in Singapore, as seen through the eyes of the band.

“The song is about having an idea of what’s good but only coming to terms with it upfront by actually doing something about it, such as traveling after a long time of toying with the idea of it. It’s about being open to new experiences, having that proactivity and positive outlook. We saw that during our trip in Singapore and we thought that it is a lot like us as a band. Always moving forward and always innovating,” said Armi.

(Can I just say that I love awkward Armi?  ADORKABLE GALORE.)

Up Dharma Down All The Good Things

What I loved about their post performance interview was this quote:  “You need to be affected by the community around you.”  And I agree.  The song was full of life, full of excitement, without losing the UDD signature.  It was great.

That same night, they launched the music video that goes with it.  From the Gardens by the Bay, to the 2am:dessertbar, the music video boasts of everything Singapore the band tasted and experienced.  With a constantly changing urban landscape, each visit to Singapore proves to be different from the last one.

UDD in Haji Lane

It really is a rock star life.  Carlos kept saying that it was the first time they saw Singapore in day time.  I guess they’re only there at night and with Singapore being so close to home, it must be a fly in-fly out thing for our musical geniuses.  I can’t help but be happy for their well deserved break (which turned out to be a fruitful one too).

Paul Yap in 2am dessertbar

Can I just say that no one looked happier than Paul to be in front of this amazing dessert?  Hahaha.

I’m still looking for that one trip with my friends before I jet off to marriedhoodness (yes, I invented that word), so in a way… maybe Singapore just might be the answer.

It doesn’t hurt that Singapore is celebrating its 50th year.  And it definitely doesn’t hurt that there are Golden Jubilee deals.  The Golden Jubilee promotion is an exciting selection of exclusive deals on flights, hotels and more.  Take advantage of special airfare deals, stay at any one of the participating hotels in the city for 2 nights to get the 3rd night free, shop till you drop during the Great Singapore Sale for a chance to win S$500 daily, and embark on a gastronomic adventure with exclusive dining discounts from various establishments.

UDD in Pidgin Kitchen & Bar

Head on over to to listen to All The Good Things and see what inspired Up Dharma Down during their visit.  Of course, for Golden Jubilee deals, visit

*searching flights now*

Where next?

This year is a jam-packed year to say the least.  With so many work projects running in parallel and a masters degree waiting to be had, I’ve decided to throw in the mix wedding planning and an out-of-country travel with some of the Sisterhood.  I’m crazy like that.

Guess where I’m headed next.

Bedugul Mountain Lake

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Mapping it out

2014 is nowhere near over and already 2015 is looking good.

Thank you, TripZilla!

Thank you, TripZilla!

It’s very tempting to rush back to Le Beau, seeing that there are 13 long weekends for the next year.  But alas, funds are running short, and with two intercontinental travels under my belt in under 8 months, my wallet can use a break.

Unless of course, ehem, Le Beau covers for it all.  Hahaha.  I have to remind myself that neither of us are money making machines and that some wants have to be paused.

Are you ready to start making your travel plans for next year?

Back to you

I feel quite compelled to explain my absence, especially when I just started posting more regularly than before.  Mostly, I’ve been quite busy commuting from Manila, Philippines to New Jersey, USA.

With a trip that was 10 years in the making, August 21, 2014 marks as Le Beau’s first time picking me up at the airport purposely.  I’m quite thankful for my mom and my boss for helping me afford the long time off in time for Le Beau’s birthday.  I’m ecstatic how things have fallen in place.

Carlallan at JFK

It is quite annoying that Delta forgot to load my luggage along with others in the DTW-JFK leg.  But who am I to complain?  The string of good and blessed fortune just keeps coming; I can only be humbled by it.

I didn’t really announce to most people that I am going on this trip.  In the process, I missed at least two grad school parties, a get-together with my management trainee batchmates, and a handful of end of season sales in the Philippines, when I usually shop for holiday gifts.

Not to brag or anything, but it’s pretty much worth it.

Carlallan at Goethals Bridge

Whilst I continue to battle jet lag and the ceaseless energy my nephews and nieces have, I will do my best to update the blog and not bombard it with the cheese that is ever present throughout my stay.

A good friend said I am in cloud nine.  In my opinion, clouds are an understatement.