10 Items That Will Make A Booklover’s Heart Stop

Ah, books.  Nothing thrills me more than books.  Old or new, there’s something about the smell of pages that tickle that sweet soft spot in my belly.  Whenever I walk into a bookstore, it’s almost impossible to walk out without something in a bag.  The husband has come to accept that.  And I’m sure, I am not alone in having a rapidly growing library!

While I continue to rack up my books — both read and unread — here are things that would definitely up your book loving game.

Personal Library Kit

You always have the most extensive collection, so it’s a natural thing to be the source of good reads.  Nothing gives a better nod to the good old days than a library card, so since you’re already building one, you might as well start tracking where your books went.

Get your library kit here. Do you already have this kit?  Find your refill cards here.


Book-Themed Postcards

It’s impossible to love books and not love postcards too.  This has been a long standing tradition between my niece and I, and to be honest, it’s not a bad tradition to have.  This is a collection of 100 postcards (ONE HUNDRED!!!!) for just $17, and if that’s not a bang for your buck, I don’t know what is.

Get your postcards here.


Custom Embosser


You can’t have a library without a brand!  I love this custom embosser from Three Designing Women.  In fact, I had one made for our wedding.  It’s perfect for your first page marks, leaving a classic touch to you new and old books.  Its compact design is a great fixture for your office library and the solid base ensures an even embossing each time.

Get your custom embosser here.


Book light

Just in case your bedmate gets easily irritated by that side table lamp you bought, clip on this nifty little gadget and you can work your way through those chapters throughout the night.  Don’t worry about the clip denting your pages; the soft padding carefully cradles each sheet of paper, provided of course that you don’t insist on forcing so many pages in a 2″-clasp.  Some people learned this the hard way.

Get your LuminoLite for only $17 here.


Book Journal


Of course I am biased because I love Moleskine!  I’ve been using the brand as my journal for years… YEARS!  Make every book memorable and lasting by jotting down your right-after-reading thoughts on this smooth-as-eggs, acid-free paper.  Maybe in the future, you can even reread those books and look back on your (im)maturities through this journal.  Eh?  :)

You know you want this.  Click here.




I admit bookmarks hold a special place for me because there was a time when I would randomly pick up anything and that would be the bookmark for that particular book.  Naturally, sometimes I would pick up a paper clip, or a bobby pin, and that didn’t really turn out so well for Sharp Objects and a couple of other fictions.  So these lovely bookmarks, with such tasteful designs mind you, will definitely slip in to your pages comfortably without having to worry about further damage.

This is such a steal!  $6 for 30!


Wall Shelf


Flaunt your collection in style.  I love Umbra items because the minimalist feel really allows your objects to shine.  So if you’re one of those people that judge the cover as much a the book, this would be the perfect outfit to show off your design taste and that wonderful cover art.

Get yours here.



Come on!!!  I can’t be the only one loves this thing!!!  I think this immediately classes up your bookshelves.  And while it is slowly becoming more and more evident that I have a minimalist taste, do not deny yourself this gorgeous addition to your library.

Get it.  Now.  You know you need it.


Reading Chair

Nothing makes reading more pleasurable than a comfy chair.  Find that special chair that perfectly catches your weird/ordinary reading position and just sink in it.  If you have the budget, create your own reading nook.  I know I fell in love with these, so maybe you will too.

Get your own armchair here.


Compact Book Tote Bag

Inspired by one of those books you have to read every five years or so, this canvas tote bag is the perfect carry on for your precious pages.  Make sure though to wash them in cold water every so often, knowing full and well that it’ll be slightly wet with your tears over fictional characters.

Get yours here.