A new direction

So, it’s another new year for us all and there’s that recurring theme again:  new year, new me.  But the thing is, there’s really nothing new most of the time.  We try to create something new, be something new, but in the end, we can only be ourselves.  Perhaps the better theme would be new year, better me?

While I have often mentioned that I am taking a new direction in my writing, I have never really taken that seriously.  Until this year.  The past year reflected my most sparse writing year ever and well, it’s my first year of being a “new” me:  a wife.  In the past year, I have taken in all the changes that I can take, and it doesn’t seem to have an end to it, especially when I left my home in the tropics for a four-season living with the love of my life.

That will be the theme of this blog then — the random musings of an immigrant housewife.  As I traverse this new old world, I hope to entertain you with anecdotes, experiences, and learnings that I will absolutely strive to narrate better in this blog.

To those wondering if this is part of the new year, improved me theme for 2017, the answer is yes.  Hahaha.  I am beginning to think this is one of those rare things that I can actually follow through.

Here’s to another year of wild rides.  Cheers!


The Ad You Can Drink

On a Saturday afternoon working with my co-mentees for our final campaign, Professor Ben showed us this ad.  It has to be one of the best integrated marketing campaigns I’ve seen.  It also became the inspiration for my final campaign.

Coca Cola really has owned the Happiness brand.  Nothing can be more entertaining than experiencing the product on all fronts.

Tell me, have you seen something more brilliant than this?


Be proud

I have actually said this before in this post, but I believe something like this — a very good reminder of what you are meant for — can never be emphasized enough.