Embracing the pink

So lately, I’ve been embracing the color pink.  The more usual me would automatically reject that color, but yeah, now, I’m just letting it pop out anywhere.

I thought, since I’m turning over a new leaf being all girly and all that, I might as well own the feminine side of me that has been asleep for the longest time.  After adding a few touches here and there, this is what I got:

Casio A-178 Watch from Watch Up | Nine West Crackle Wallet | Candies Ribbon Cuff

I personally love the pop of blue.  I was wearing a paperbag pencil skirt at that time (hot pink, obviously) and the classic plain white shirt.  All girl and pink to the 5″ platform heels I sported that day, so when this blue came out, it was a flash of cute relief.

Or at least, that was what they told me.  LOLZERS.  <—- Yeah I can’t pull that off

Admittedly, my iPhone is screaming for a new screen protector.  Which reminds me… I need to come up with my own holiday wishlist.

Yes, I purposely hid my nails.  My girly mode has not yet reached them (aka I haven’t had my nails done yet).


You know you love Candies.

As we grow old, more and more friends of mine are venturing to far more creative endeavors to expand their wealth.  Hahahaha.  And I mean that in the most positive way.  Recently, my good friend Jeane launched her handcrafted accessories line, Candies.

What I like about this line — above everything else that I’ve posted here — is the fact that Jeane gives her customers an opportunity to customize their bling.  Same turnaround deliver, same quality.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love with her classic pieces.

They can be blindingly neon…

Or happily golden and slightly subdued.

You can’t go wrong with Candies!

What you’ll like best perhaps is the blingified USB charger for Blackberry and iPhone.  Say goodbye to tangled cords!

It’s never too late to start your own arm party and neon clashing, so start now and start it right with Candies. :)

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/candiesaccessories
For orders, contact Jeane Samson at 0917 554 6827.

BARO x Trinkets MNL Summer Giveaway!

I said it would come, and because of the powers that be, it is here!

First ever giveaway so let’s make it easy for you shall we? :)

  1. Like BARO and Trinkets MNL pages
  2. Follow my blog.  Just click the funky button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Post this as your status in Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr: “The best and most glamorous summer ever with BARO for stylista and Trinkets MNL! #supercarlagiveaway”  Don’t forget to tag those names! :)

Promo is for Philippine residents only.

Quite simple I believe! :)  Two of you gets to win this!

First place gets to take home the Polka Kaftan and second place, the Mithra Top from BARO for Stylista!

First and second place winners get to choose their prize:  one beaded necklace and one threads bracelet from Trinkets MNL!  Oh and the first place winner gets a pair of feathered earrings too!

It’s so simple and easy — we’re giving all these away for you!

Keep your comments coming, answer as much as you can, tweet/post as much as you can!  Promo ends on March 31, 11:59 pm!  Winners will be drawn on April 2 and announced on April 4!

Come on ladies!  You know this is just too good to pass up! :)

I love earrings!

I was just browsing at Forever21 Makati the other day and I noticed that the accessories station was at 30% off.  I couldn’t resist.  It took me about an hour to pick out my goods.

I really went crazy for it.  Hahahaha.  I couldn’t resist it.  Most items were just around P305!  I know!!!

This necklace immediately caught my attention.  I just love that it’s so simple and so chic at the same time.  Accented with a gold plate, this would easily fit in any plain dull corporate wardrobe.

I’ve been dying to get wings for accessories.  I think I gravitated to this one more than the rest.  When I got home and tried it on (you’re no longer allowed to try on earrings in the store for hygienic purposes), it makes a little fluttering noise.  I loooooove this piece.  My head is now thinking of ways to wear this to work.

I got these two because they’re just catchy.  Not to mention, cheap.  My niece and nephews would be very entertained with these.

This is just so chic!  I love this to pieces.  The first time I saw it, I just grabbed it!  Very dagger like, yes? :)

It’s almost odd to not get a “sulit” pack from Forever21.  Hahahaha.  I love this ensemble because of the choices you have.  You can mix and match it with your clothes or your mood, if not both.

This young lady’s pair is just too adorable for words.  This would be the perfect accessory to my next date with You-Know-Who.  :)  As if there’s any other.

So yeah.  That’s 7 accessories and my total bill is roughly P1,200.  I think it’s money well spent. :)

To be McQueened

The tragic passing of Alexander McQueen in February 2010 has the fashion world mourning.  It was such a great loss; he was truly an artist, in every sense of the word.  He left us with a range of masterpieces to be continually inspired with.

I am a middle class worker and there is no way, based on my current pay, that I will ever afford a McQueen.  Oddly enough, this morning, his work was the first thing I looked up on Pinterest.  (For those who haven’t noticed, I am a Pinterest fan.  Click the upper right button to view my boards.) 

Sometimes, I envy the spending power of the upper class.  They get to experience and wear the genius of so many artists and designers; us middle class men merely look on.  I cannot deny the fact that I do sometimes aspire to be as well off as them.  But I know my limits, and I am grateful that the media has extensively covered (or at least as much as they can) the works of these modern Da Vincis.

I hope no one would mistake my admiration and aspiration as being ungrateful for what I have.  I am grateful; I know I am still far more fortunate than most.  I know the poverty statistics, mortality rates, feeding programs and the like.  I am not unaware.  But you see, high fashion is the cloud I float on.  A girl can dream still you know, even at 2-.

“Each piece is unique, as was he.”
McQueen Fashion House, Paris Fashion Week, March 2010