I love earrings!

I was just browsing at Forever21 Makati the other day and I noticed that the accessories station was at 30% off.  I couldn’t resist.  It took me about an hour to pick out my goods.

I really went crazy for it.  Hahahaha.  I couldn’t resist it.  Most items were just around P305!  I know!!!

This necklace immediately caught my attention.  I just love that it’s so simple and so chic at the same time.  Accented with a gold plate, this would easily fit in any plain dull corporate wardrobe.

I’ve been dying to get wings for accessories.  I think I gravitated to this one more than the rest.  When I got home and tried it on (you’re no longer allowed to try on earrings in the store for hygienic purposes), it makes a little fluttering noise.  I loooooove this piece.  My head is now thinking of ways to wear this to work.

I got these two because they’re just catchy.  Not to mention, cheap.  My niece and nephews would be very entertained with these.

This is just so chic!  I love this to pieces.  The first time I saw it, I just grabbed it!  Very dagger like, yes? :)

It’s almost odd to not get a “sulit” pack from Forever21.  Hahahaha.  I love this ensemble because of the choices you have.  You can mix and match it with your clothes or your mood, if not both.

This young lady’s pair is just too adorable for words.  This would be the perfect accessory to my next date with You-Know-Who.  :)  As if there’s any other.

So yeah.  That’s 7 accessories and my total bill is roughly P1,200.  I think it’s money well spent. :)


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