Best life lesson ever

20150521 Louis C K Life Lesson


How long then?

How did you move on from him?

Complete total silence.  In and out.  It’s been over a year, you know.

No communication whatsoever?

None.  But it was a choice that I made.  We both made, I think.

Did he try to win you back?

For a moment, but then when I look back, though it appears to some that he tried, he never really said anything.

How long did you suffer the feeling of pain?

Long.  A bit of it is still with me today.

Are you bitter towards him?  Is that normal?

Yes, it’s normal and yes, I’m still bitter.  It was a long time that went to nothing.  It felt like my youth was wasted.

Do you still love him?

Yes.  The sad kind. The one that when I feel it, I become resentful and morose.

I’m going through the same.  I’m trying to be okay though.

Just give yourself a good period to be sad.

We don’t have closure.  I think I need that to let things go.  To hear him say he’s sorry.  Did you feel that way?

For me, I was hurt too much too long.  I did not want to need anything from him, so that made it easier to not look for closure, or anything else from him, for that matter.

Will this sad, bitter feeling go away?

Of course.  Give it time.  All you need to move forward is in you.  Unless you realize that, you will always be stuck in that space.  You will always need something that he will not or cannot give.  And you don’t want to be the kind of person who needs something from someone else to move forward.

It’s been three months.  I find it too long.  I’ve never been this bitter.

It’s been 16 months for me.  I’m not as angry.  But I am still bitter.

Don’t rush it.  You might miss steps, making it harder to recover.

Thank you.

Thank you.



SHOP: Save or Splurge?

With an upcoming trip looming around the corners, I was forced to face a horrid fact:  my closet is falling apart.  And it’s not just the actual closet as in the house of my clothes; this includes clothing selection as well.  My closet and wardrobe badly need an upgrade.

I call it horrid because an upgrade means one more thing:  money.  Let’s face it — I don’t have much left.  This year being my travel year has really pushed the boundaries of my financial planning skills.  Plane fares, pocket money, luggage requirements (that are yet to be fulfilled), all on top of monthly dues and graduate school tuition fee, you can definitely call my pocket tired.

This spend/save guide from Cardigan Empire really puts a lot of things into perspective.  Normally, I would trot to the next weekend sale and just shop everything at half off (if not more), but knowing that some clothing items are more delicate than others, this is worth a look:

When to Save, When to Splurge

When to Save, When to Splurge

Don’t forget to click on the photo (or here) to read the detailed explanation as to how this chart came about.

This could not have come at a much better time!  So shall we shop then? :)

A solid thank you

You never really know where or from whom the best advice will come from.  I went home to my LP room last night feeling much better considering how the day started and it still amazes me that I got the right advice from a manicurist.

While I was bawling my eyes out in the middle of a much deserved and needed pedicure, she simply said:

It will all be okay, miss.  You just have to surround yourself with your people.

Yes sosyal siya.  English ang advice niya.  Hahahaha.

The past six weeks has been tumultuous, to say the least.  My mistake was to not tell anyone that it has been.  I am not used to being the one with the problems.  I can actually count the number of people I confide in with one hand.  Actually, that will just take up three fingers.

Imagine my surprise that when I came running to them for comfort, they didn’t ask any questions.  It was automatic for them to cheer me up and turn my day around.  They really are the best group of friends a girl can ask for.

So thank you.  I know I don’t talk often; I’m usually the go-to person for advice, so my pride gets in the way of me asking for help.  But thank you for not hesitating to lend a hand.

On top of everything else, thank you for helping me put myself back together.  One day at a time.