BARO x Trinkets MNL Summer Giveaway Winners!

I know I am so late in posting the winners for this promo, but hey!  They’re here now!

In the two weeks that this promo ran, it was shared and retweeted 138 times!  Each instance merited an entry of course.  I used the ever reliable to help me pick out the winners.

Congratulations to… drum roll please!

Winner #1:  Claudine Mabasa!  You won BARO’s Polka Kaftan  and Trinkets MNL’s beaded necklace, threads bracelet and a pair of feathered earrings!

Winner #2:  Melinda Guillermo!  You won BARO’s Mithra Top and Trinkets MNL’s beaded necklace and threads bracelet!

Both winners hit LIKE and shared the promo link on Facebook. :)

Congratulations both!  I will contact you respectively.

Till our next promo!

BARO x Trinkets MNL Summer Giveaway!

I said it would come, and because of the powers that be, it is here!

First ever giveaway so let’s make it easy for you shall we? :)

  1. Like BARO and Trinkets MNL pages
  2. Follow my blog.  Just click the funky button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Post this as your status in Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr: “The best and most glamorous summer ever with BARO for stylista and Trinkets MNL! #supercarlagiveaway”  Don’t forget to tag those names! :)

Promo is for Philippine residents only.

Quite simple I believe! :)  Two of you gets to win this!

First place gets to take home the Polka Kaftan and second place, the Mithra Top from BARO for Stylista!

First and second place winners get to choose their prize:  one beaded necklace and one threads bracelet from Trinkets MNL!  Oh and the first place winner gets a pair of feathered earrings too!

It’s so simple and easy — we’re giving all these away for you!

Keep your comments coming, answer as much as you can, tweet/post as much as you can!  Promo ends on March 31, 11:59 pm!  Winners will be drawn on April 2 and announced on April 4!

Come on ladies!  You know this is just too good to pass up! :)

Time to be BAROfied!

BARO for Stylista is back and it’s better than ever!  With a little shimmer and shine, BARO takes summer to another level.

Named after the sun gods, BARO’s dose of metallic and intricate fabrication takes summer wear to an all new level of glam.

I’m very proud of my friends rallying to launch this amazing new line.  So everyone, here are the gods. :)

Head on over to BARO‘s page and start shopping now!  Summer has never looked this good.

For Inquiries or Orders:
Twitter: iamjackied
Call or Text: 0917-5225438

Model: Ron Dimagmaliw
Hair & Make-up: Czarina Salazar
Styling by: Margaux Salazar
Accessorized by: Vaughn Mañosca & Che Gopez of Trinkets MNL
Photographer: Arvin Blanco
Designed by: Jackie Dionisio

Why you should shop at BARO for stylista

Some might say this is one bold move at friendship, but putting that factor aside, I have to admit that Jackie Dionisio, owner and designer of BARO for stylista, has a pretty good head on her shoulders in coming up with pieces for her clothing line.

BARO is practical.  That I can immediately say.  Jackie designed pieces that are versatile and simple.  It’s so easy to style actually, that almost anything can be matched with it.  But let’s stick to her summer finds for now.  Like these kaftan coverups!

Plains, Prints, Dots, Checks

These kaftan pieces range from P850 to P950.  Who wouldn’t want to look good before and after they hit the pool?  :)

I believe one of the main things that make BARO for stylista sell is that fact that Jackie herself wears her own creations.  She once told me that she wants to make things that she would wear.  And it’s practical.  It would be easy to market, easy to model, and it won’t be a compromise in style.  Because Jackie is hardly an unstylish lady.

Jackie is wearing Cassandra. :)

BARO for stylista’s early best seller is Malka, the wide leg pants.  Made of flowy fabric, this can easily pass as a beach cover up or for a casual date, and if you’re like me, even wear it to work (photo of which is yet to be posted).  They come in so many colors but the best seller is the mustard.  In fact, it’s already sold out!  These pants are only P700.  For those interested in the mustard Malka, just send a message in BARO’s page.

Jackie is wearing Malka in mustard.

Malka comes in Purple, Red, Gray, Pink, Teal, White and Navy Blue

And you know my love for sheer tops?  Well, it’s very much shared with this little lady they call Nikki Valdez.

Sheer tops are also available in red, black, blue, white and yellow.

So go and visit BARO for stylista’s home page already!  Click the SHOP NOW button on the top right of this page or just click here.  You know you won’t have any regrets shopping here.  :)

Like them on Facebook too.  Oh and follow Jackie Dionision on Twitter for more details on where to shop for BARO!

It was a shopping weekend!

Oh yes.  I just had to give in.  Not only did I go to the Super Sale Bazaar to get me some BARO (which I will give a much more detailed post), I also went with my mother on Saturday to get her first ever bathing suit.

No, I will not leave you with photos of my mom trying out her swimsuit.  Not only will that result to my immediate death, but also, I want to cherish the moment that my mom had with the dressing room mirror.  Hahahahaha. :)

Here are my shopping finds this weekend:

L-R CW: BARO for stylista, Pirouette, SM's NY Square, Unica Hija

This NY Square dress cost me P799.75.  And for those who are still ashamed to admit it, SM now has some semblance of a style.  I think since they started hosting Philippine Fashion Week, they have become more and more conscious of the clothes they make.  Not only are they trying to keep up with the trend, they’re also maintaining things at a very affordable price!  Now that’s fashion for every Filipino.

I fell in love with the neckline. Cannot wait to wear this skimpy number to work!

This is Unica Hija sheer polka dot top is only P399.75.  It’s freely sized, and it’s just divine!  They have this in black, brown florals, and light yellow florals.  I am planning to get them all.  BWAHAHAHAHA.

I am a sucker for dots and sheers.

And at the Super Sale Bazaar, which I visited right after work on Friday, I already knew I’m getting a BARO.  Got this piece for P600!  For a new clothing line, Jackie (BARO’s owner) is more than happy to slash a bit off her original prices.  That’s why you ALWAYS ALWAYS have to visit her in bazaars!

It's red and it's sheer. And of course, it's not allowed in the office. So most likely, I'm wearing it soon.

Pirouette had the loveliest finds!  There was this white and lace dress that I absolutely loved.  However, I am yet to lose the pounds in order to fit in it.  They were also selling some Forever21 overruns for only P400 (which I failed to fit in too).  Their seller, whom I forgot to get the name, showed me this lace accented top.  Quite conservative for my taste but it’s so cute.  And such a sweetheart!  Perfect for a movie date with Dylan.  Only for P480.

See! It's lacey at the right spot.

I know.  I spent so much!  I honestly believe I have shopped enough till the next week.  This means I have to clean out some space in my closet for these new things, particularly things that I have not worn in the past year.  Now, I just have to decide whom to give those things too.  But I think I already have a pretty good idea. :)

I do apologize for the quality of the photos.  I just took these photos with my phone and right now, I’m actually looking forward to owning a new camera.  Please help me in praying that I get it.

So there.  Shopping post.  Please do not follow my example, especially if it’s between paychecks.  Otherwise, like me, you will end up planning where to get 50 peso lunches in Makati for the rest of the week.  Hahahaha!

Here’s to a great week ahead!