Why you should shop at BARO for stylista

Some might say this is one bold move at friendship, but putting that factor aside, I have to admit that Jackie Dionisio, owner and designer of BARO for stylista, has a pretty good head on her shoulders in coming up with pieces for her clothing line.

BARO is practical.  That I can immediately say.  Jackie designed pieces that are versatile and simple.  It’s so easy to style actually, that almost anything can be matched with it.  But let’s stick to her summer finds for now.  Like these kaftan coverups!

Plains, Prints, Dots, Checks

These kaftan pieces range from P850 to P950.  Who wouldn’t want to look good before and after they hit the pool?  :)

I believe one of the main things that make BARO for stylista sell is that fact that Jackie herself wears her own creations.  She once told me that she wants to make things that she would wear.  And it’s practical.  It would be easy to market, easy to model, and it won’t be a compromise in style.  Because Jackie is hardly an unstylish lady.

Jackie is wearing Cassandra. :)

BARO for stylista’s early best seller is Malka, the wide leg pants.  Made of flowy fabric, this can easily pass as a beach cover up or for a casual date, and if you’re like me, even wear it to work (photo of which is yet to be posted).  They come in so many colors but the best seller is the mustard.  In fact, it’s already sold out!  These pants are only P700.  For those interested in the mustard Malka, just send a message in BARO’s page.

Jackie is wearing Malka in mustard.

Malka comes in Purple, Red, Gray, Pink, Teal, White and Navy Blue

And you know my love for sheer tops?  Well, it’s very much shared with this little lady they call Nikki Valdez.

Sheer tops are also available in red, black, blue, white and yellow.

So go and visit BARO for stylista’s home page already!  Click the SHOP NOW button on the top right of this page or just click here.  You know you won’t have any regrets shopping here.  :)

Like them on Facebook too.  Oh and follow Jackie Dionision on Twitter for more details on where to shop for BARO!


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