Bitch fit

What?  I’m not always poised and calm and collected.  Half the time, I get upset over the littlest things but today, the thing I am upset about is not so little.

Is it so bad when I find it hard to work in a warm environment?  I have not been in this kind of an environment for YEARS and I mean YEARS.  I really hope whatever improvement is supposed to be happening happen soon, because this warmth, this oven-like feeling, is not taking me to any productive length at all.

And don’t give me the drink water with tons of ice bullshit.  I don’t find that calming nor anywhere close to cooling my body down.  I want to be cool and calm and comfortable, absolutely nowhere close to feeling as if I’m about to turn into the first ever human bacon. 

So yeah.  There.  Bitch fit.  Please pray that the airconditioning gets fixed soon.  This is just way too much to take.  It’s warm and the windows cannot be opened.  Come on.  Who are we kidding? 


Lemme know what you think.

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