Taking third

Remember I’ve been taking photography classes again?  Well  our final day was last July 13, and tradition called for some bit of competition.  We were asked to submit one open space photo and one human activity.

I took eighth for open space and third for human activity.

I remember taking this photo at the public market.  I purposely reported for work late because I clearly remember my father saying the market is most alive in the morning.  So I put my good shorts and good jeans, made sure my battery is full and my memory card is empty, before I biked my way to our local public market.

At first, people were self-conscious, but our FPPF instructors were right:  given the right approach, everyone would love to have their photo taken.  Needless to say, I probably took about 300 photos of everyone.  When I started reviewing my shots in the computer, Nards the butcher caught my attention.

It’s a living oxymoron:  clad with slabs of pork and meat, a big bulky man delicately slides his knife to get the perfect pork chop cut.  I gave him a copy of this photo as a thank you.

Nards the Butcher

I had the best time ever in FPPF.  I am actually looking forward to the advanced classes.  The next one starts on August 24.  Sounds near enough to me.

Take a photo.  It lasts longer.

Surviving Day 1

So yesterday was my second Day 1 in Basic Photography.  It was basically a longer version of my actual first day, only with about 21 more people.  It was nice to see everyone, even if I didn’t really come to know everyone.  I guess what I’m saying is, it’s good to be in a roomful of people who share the same enthusiasms as you.

Anyway, I got to listen to Ador go through his lesson again, and it was very very interesting still.  He was right — the jokes are on repeat too!  But yeah, I still laughed at them as if it’s the first time I’m hearing them.


The class was held in this bunker type space.  I completely fell in love with it the moment I stepped in.  I cannot wait to go back next week!  Hopefully, by then, I would know how to commute and navigate through the area.  I’m thinking of coming in earlier than usual, so I can take photos of the Manila Cathedral.  Even though I’m not Catholic, I cannot deny the kilig I get when I see those old structures standing with such magnificence.  It’s aching to be photographed.

I’m quite ecstatic right now because these classes really remind me of what I really love.  It’s not a bad distraction actually from the drama I’ve subjected myself this year.

So after my first Monday class, I went out for lunch and took a couple of practice shots.  No edits, just a watermark.  What do you think?





These photos were taken at Cibo, Greenbelt 5 last Wednesday, June 12.

Did I get you guys hungry? :p