Surviving Day 1

So yesterday was my second Day 1 in Basic Photography.  It was basically a longer version of my actual first day, only with about 21 more people.  It was nice to see everyone, even if I didn’t really come to know everyone.  I guess what I’m saying is, it’s good to be in a roomful of people who share the same enthusiasms as you.

Anyway, I got to listen to Ador go through his lesson again, and it was very very interesting still.  He was right — the jokes are on repeat too!  But yeah, I still laughed at them as if it’s the first time I’m hearing them.


The class was held in this bunker type space.  I completely fell in love with it the moment I stepped in.  I cannot wait to go back next week!  Hopefully, by then, I would know how to commute and navigate through the area.  I’m thinking of coming in earlier than usual, so I can take photos of the Manila Cathedral.  Even though I’m not Catholic, I cannot deny the kilig I get when I see those old structures standing with such magnificence.  It’s aching to be photographed.

I’m quite ecstatic right now because these classes really remind me of what I really love.  It’s not a bad distraction actually from the drama I’ve subjected myself this year.

So after my first Monday class, I went out for lunch and took a couple of practice shots.  No edits, just a watermark.  What do you think?





These photos were taken at Cibo, Greenbelt 5 last Wednesday, June 12.

Did I get you guys hungry? :p


5 thoughts on “Surviving Day 1

      • I was thinking a Nikon, too. I’ve looked into some such as the D40X. Do you think this would do quality food photos? I am very new to photography, and all I know is that if you want professional looking food photos to get an SLR. The D40x is a lower end SLR. I just want to get a quality camera. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

      • Well, like I said, I’m pretty much a Canon buggy. I’d definitely recommend a Canon, although the difference with Nikon is not that much. Although it is important to get a quality camera so you can start relearning the basics, on a personal note, I put a lot of premium in the feel of the camera.

        Walk in a camera store and look through your options. Have a feel of the equipment. I know that sounds gibberish to some, but that’s how I ended up with my 600D: it was lightweight, fit my grip right, I loved the matte finish, and it suited my budget.

        Chances are all beginner cameras will have the same features, only different names. Perhaps looking through for a better education on your equipment.

        For some user reviews, my go to is

        I really hope this helps you out. I’m not really the camera expert but I completely understand the hesitation to buy something that might not fit my needs. Read through those sites; they should provide sufficient information to aid your decision.

        Do let me know when you finally settle with one. I’d be so curious with what you’d get! :)

      • This is all very helpful. I appreciate you taking your time giving me some great tips. I’ve purchased digital photo magazines, and that was like reading a foreign language. It can all be very intimidating when you’re new to the world of photography. I think I am going to go check out some camera stores in my area. That’s probably my best bet as opposed to online browsing. There’s really only so much the internet can provide when purchasing a camera. I’ll give the Canons a look too. I’ll keep you posted about what I find. It’s funny, because when I first was in the market for a camera, I thought I’d find one pretty quickly, but it has taken me a good couple of months to commit. So many to choose from!

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