It lasts longer

I would have to be one of the many that mourn Paris’ decision to permanently remove all the love locks around Pont des Artes.

Being one of the most visited places in the world, those locks signify eternal love and has become one of the must stops for lovers the world over.

I bet this decision didn’t come as a surprise to Paris’ beloved patrons, especially when a portion of the bridge collapsed early last year because of the weight of the locks on the bridge.

Love Locks with Allan 4

I am happy though that Paris is finally taking a stronger stand in preserving its heritage.  Pont des Artes is one of the bridges that cross the Seine.

What makes me even happier is that the saying “take a picture, it lasts longer” was something I took to heart when Le Beau and I visited that famous bridge.

Love Locks with Allan

We were planning going back on our fifth anniversary maybe and spot that lock but I guess that’s not going to happen now. But the beautiful thing is the bridge will be riddled with artwork from various international artists.  Paris still stays true to its form as the art capital of the world.  At least for me.

Oh I am so happy that we have proof that Paris knew we pledged our love forever.

Love Locks with Allan 3




The first 12 days of the year was easily my most romantic ever.  If you’ve been following me on Instagram, my very good man followed me to Paris.  It was the best surprise of my life.

I just need time to sort all the photos we took, which are not much by the way.  I remember someone telling me that although taking pictures make the beauty last longer, it can also make you miss the moment.

And, my dears, we had so many moments.

For now, I wish you all a happy new year and may your heart be filled with a love that only lifts you up.


I haven’t really fully rationalized everything that had happened in the past year.  To sum it up, 2013 has left me completely breathless, both because of sorrow and joyful disbelief.  I guess that’s how life really is.  Just when you thought it won’t get better, it balances itself out.

While waiting for my phone to finish transferring photos to this computer, I am looking forward to an exciting 2014 kick off:  I’m leaving for Paris in about 10 hours.


The city of freshly baked bread, cheese of all sorts, and wine till you drop.  Yes, the city that is beautiful both in the morning and in the evening.  The marvel that is Paris, whether inside a museum or picnicking at the park.  Yes, I am headed there.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.  I really could not imagine being more blessed.  But for now, I’ve charged my camerassssss (hahaha), reformatted memory cards, and made sure that whatever is left of my day, I capture in pictures.  I don’t know if or when I can afford to go there again, but while I’m there, even if it’s just 10 days, I am so making the most of it.

So I guess I get to travel this year after all.  Isn’t it funny that I was just lamenting about my incapacity to travel and take photos?  Life sure has a way of cooking up a pretty good plate.

Or in this case, cheese plate.  Nyaha.

Excuse me folks as I watch the movies that will make dream of Paris until I get there:  Before Sunset, Amelie and Taken.

Do not judge me.

Happy new year. :)


Recently, I enrolled myself in photography classes, but I have to admit, I have not practiced what I have learned as much as I should have.  I often ask myself which kind of photography would I love to be immersed in.  Early on, I developed a liking for landscapes, but not only are they fickle, they require a lot of travel.

Oh how I wish I can live in my suitcase.  That is one luxury I will always dream of having.

Apart from landscapes, I am absolutely in love with portraiture.  I wish I can see more faces — or rather be brave enough to approach strangers — and make them last longer.

Here are some celebrity portraits that I just adore.  Can you name them all?

Audrey Hepburn
Ben Stiller
Dave Franco
David Bowie
Kevin Costner
Liv Tyler
Lucy Liu
Marion Cotillard
Meryl Streep
Michael Caine
Paul Newman
Robert DeNiro by Martin Schoeller
Stanley Tucci
Tom Hiddleston
Zach Galifianakis