I haven’t really fully rationalized everything that had happened in the past year.  To sum it up, 2013 has left me completely breathless, both because of sorrow and joyful disbelief.  I guess that’s how life really is.  Just when you thought it won’t get better, it balances itself out.

While waiting for my phone to finish transferring photos to this computer, I am looking forward to an exciting 2014 kick off:  I’m leaving for Paris in about 10 hours.


The city of freshly baked bread, cheese of all sorts, and wine till you drop.  Yes, the city that is beautiful both in the morning and in the evening.  The marvel that is Paris, whether inside a museum or picnicking at the park.  Yes, I am headed there.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.  I really could not imagine being more blessed.  But for now, I’ve charged my camerassssss (hahaha), reformatted memory cards, and made sure that whatever is left of my day, I capture in pictures.  I don’t know if or when I can afford to go there again, but while I’m there, even if it’s just 10 days, I am so making the most of it.

So I guess I get to travel this year after all.  Isn’t it funny that I was just lamenting about my incapacity to travel and take photos?  Life sure has a way of cooking up a pretty good plate.

Or in this case, cheese plate.  Nyaha.

Excuse me folks as I watch the movies that will make dream of Paris until I get there:  Before Sunset, Amelie and Taken.

Do not judge me.

Happy new year. :)


3 thoughts on “Resetting

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  2. Cool… good for you… I am French/American and still have lots of relatives living in Paris and basically all over France… so in a few months depending on how long you are staying… post something in French… No google translators diba…. bon alor bon voyage…. merde a toi ( doesn’t mean shit to you….slang for good luck!)


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