I haven’t really fully rationalized everything that had happened in the past year.  To sum it up, 2013 has left me completely breathless, both because of sorrow and joyful disbelief.  I guess that’s how life really is.  Just when you thought it won’t get better, it balances itself out.

While waiting for my phone to finish transferring photos to this computer, I am looking forward to an exciting 2014 kick off:  I’m leaving for Paris in about 10 hours.


The city of freshly baked bread, cheese of all sorts, and wine till you drop.  Yes, the city that is beautiful both in the morning and in the evening.  The marvel that is Paris, whether inside a museum or picnicking at the park.  Yes, I am headed there.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.  I really could not imagine being more blessed.  But for now, I’ve charged my camerassssss (hahaha), reformatted memory cards, and made sure that whatever is left of my day, I capture in pictures.  I don’t know if or when I can afford to go there again, but while I’m there, even if it’s just 10 days, I am so making the most of it.

So I guess I get to travel this year after all.  Isn’t it funny that I was just lamenting about my incapacity to travel and take photos?  Life sure has a way of cooking up a pretty good plate.

Or in this case, cheese plate.  Nyaha.

Excuse me folks as I watch the movies that will make dream of Paris until I get there:  Before Sunset, Amelie and Taken.

Do not judge me.

Happy new year. :)


Photoblog: HOT Coworker

Let’s admit it.  Nothing perks a workday better than a hot coworker.



Here’s to a fantastic almost end of week workday, everyone! :)

Care for Lunch?

I had a seminar today sponsored by the World Bank at Discovery Suites in Ortigas.  It was one of the most informative seminars I’ve been to and I can’t wait for the go signal to talk about it.

Anyway, Discovery was nice, but the carpets looked frayed and old. Don’t even get me started with the bathroom.  The outside was pretty, all zen and shit, but the cubicles?  Very reminiscent of my high school bathroom, 4×7 in size, narrow and very un-suite-like.  Ugh.

Good thing the food made up for it.

This is the carrot cream soup.  It had a taste of ginger, semi-sweet, and a hint of spring onions and garlic.  It’s surprisingly really good, but it doesn’t look like it.  It could’ve used some presentation.  Honestly, it looked like kiddie barf.  Hahahaha.

L-R:  Homemade rolls, tuna and capers tossed in EVOO, broccoli and crabstick with light Japanese mayo, chilled seafood salad on mussel, fish in tausi sauce, lemon chicken, beef stroganoff

This is a very good serving.  I had a little bit of the ratatouille on the side and the zucchini was perfect — crunchy with a good kick of tomato.  For snacks, they had the corned beef crepe (I believe they made their own corned beef) topped with marinara sauce.  All.  Oh.   So.  Good.

It’s days like these that make me love my job. :)

Blogging to you now, LIVE!

It is quite amusing how I’ve found this nifty little thing to be available here in the office.  I have tons of work to do, but I know I just have to write down a few words before everything gets hectic again.

This month shows a lot of promise, mainly because it is so jampacked.  On Saturday, I’m attending a photoshoot of an event I am yet to secure permission before announcing.  It’s quite personal but because it’s for someone close to my heart, I am excited.  Then on Sunday, my cousin Kuya Marc is arriving from New Jersey.  Whoopdeedoo!  I love him and all, but my family knows very well that I love him best because he’s bringing me my shoes.

For the new followers, I am a shoe whore.  I’m not even afraid of saying it out loud.  Shoe whore.  Mother effin’ shoe whore.  I once spent 20,000 on shoes, because they were on sale and they were my favorite local brand.  Yup.  I’m a slut like that.

Then there’s the event that follows the photoshoot.   Hahahaha.  I can’t really contain the excitement because it has been a while since I last hosted something.  I can’t wait to get rid of my discretion.

When it comes to work, every detail counts and I am very happy where I am right now.  I am in a position where I am actually contributing to something with a purpose.  It can be hell sometimes, especially when my boss gets a knack of giving me tough deadlines, but it keeps me on my toes.  For once, I am not sleepy nor groggy after lunch.  So much for the godly hour.

Anyway, I hope your month is as packed as mine.  Started this month right by watching Legend of the Guardians last night.  IT.  WAS.  AWESOME.  But more of that later.

For now, I give you my love. :)