Recently, I enrolled myself in photography classes, but I have to admit, I have not practiced what I have learned as much as I should have.  I often ask myself which kind of photography would I love to be immersed in.  Early on, I developed a liking for landscapes, but not only are they fickle, they require a lot of travel.

Oh how I wish I can live in my suitcase.  That is one luxury I will always dream of having.

Apart from landscapes, I am absolutely in love with portraiture.  I wish I can see more faces — or rather be brave enough to approach strangers — and make them last longer.

Here are some celebrity portraits that I just adore.  Can you name them all?

Audrey Hepburn
Ben Stiller
Dave Franco
David Bowie
Kevin Costner
Liv Tyler
Lucy Liu
Marion Cotillard
Meryl Streep
Michael Caine
Paul Newman
Robert DeNiro by Martin Schoeller
Stanley Tucci
Tom Hiddleston
Zach Galifianakis


3 thoughts on “Portraiture

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  2. I know how you feel. Being able to travel a lot sure does help with photography. It gives you plenty of chances to capture great images, especially if you’re into landscapes. Right now, I mainly do still life since it doesn’t take much effort in a sense that you don’t need to travel or get a model to work with. But it does require great knowledge of different set ups of lighting. Enjoy your photography class. I really enjoyed mine while it lasted.

    • I am looking forward to learning more about lighting this year. You’re right; still life is the way to go should I still be financially crippled to travel. But I am very thankful to have makeup enthusiasts for friends. Hahaha. They never tire to have their photo taken!

      Happy new year! :)

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