The need for LTE

It was in April when I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 and most people say it was a lost investment, given that they came out with 5s and 5c this September. Hahaha. I can’t completely agree to that sentiment; I’ve quite maximized this amazing piece of technology. Thanks to LTE.

What is LTE anyway? Techno Baboy explained it quite well. LTE or Long Term Evolution is a mobile broadband standard that evolved from GSM, EDGE and HSPA network technologies.

If that already sounds Greek to you, here’s how Techno Baboy broke it down:

LTE is an ultrafast network, with theoretical peak download rates of up 100Mbps and upload speeds of about 50Mbps. In real-world situations, however, LTE speeds will be more modest, and possibly will give you download speeds between 10-20Mbps and uploads of about 7Mbps, something that’s still fast compared to current standards. Just imagine the possibilities with LTE. Instead of depending on Wi-Fi or DSL connection for high-speed internet access, you can access the internet at blazing fast speeds by simply connecting through your mobile device.

I don’t know about blazing fast though. My service provider Globe has already announced (several times) that they are upgrading their infrastructure to 4G, but so far the only LTE experience I’ve had are in Makati, Bonifacio Global City, some parts of Manila and Metro Cebu. The dead spots are freaking annoying, especially when I’m in the middle of Facetiming and then it switches to 3G. It significantly slows down, even if the real life application doesn’t really peak to 50Mbps, may just around 18-21.

It is however fast enough to beat out our home’s PLDT myDSL connection. HAHAHA. 9Gag GIFs load faster when I’m on LTE than when I’m on wifi.

I hope this kind of technology is something that telcos can develop faster. There’s something about the immediacy of informational access that makes so many things a whole lot more seamless. I am all for living a more unplugged life, but given that I am in an LDR, the LTE sure makes 8-hour Facetimes more enjoyable.



Lemme know what you think.

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