A Parisian Surprise

I finally found the time to tell you more about what I saw and did in Paris.  It’s mostly for work, though, so forgive me if the narration is not as extensive as any travel blog.  There are some things I am legally not allowed to disclose.  But this — this amazing moment in my life — I cannot wait to share this.

As I said in my previous blog, I had the opportunity to visit France for a Parisian work thing that I am not legally allowed to disclose.  (What an introduction)

You can only imagine how excited I was.  It has been too long since my last intercontinental travel and Paris nonetheless!  I was almost pissing my pants the entire time I was waiting for my departure date to come.  I knew immediately that I wanted to be a compact traveler, especially I would only be there for 10 days.  I was excited for the weather (tail end of winter!), for the clothes (boots, leggings and coats!), for the food (macarons, bread, bread, bread, and chocolates!) and most especially, the sights.  

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I was debating between getting a museum pass but given the strict work schedule, I don’t think I would be able to maximize its worth.  So in my head, after work, I’d just walk around, train around, get lost in the most romantic city in the world.  I had nothing planned, but I had my Lonely Planet guide with me.  My bags were packed, my plane was waiting and I jetted off in an almost 20 hour flight with two stopovers to Charles De Gaulle Airport, the busiest airport in France.  

The beau was quite excited for me and I thought it was because I was so excited for myself.  But when I exited the baggage claim area of Terminal 2F, I discovered why he was so excited for me.

He was there, waiting to keep me company for the next 10 days.  There.  Waiting.  For me.  In Paris.  To be with me.  In Paris.

I think I was crying for a good five minutes.

First Time

PARIS.  The most romantic city in the world.  With all the coffee and desserts and chocolate and wine and fine dining.  There with me.  Just me.  For me.  

It was the most romantic experience I have ever had in my entire life.  I remember feeling shocked, I remember crying.  There was a lot of hugging and kissing (ewww TMI sorry), and a lot of “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE” in a loud shrill voice.

Fifteen minutes in Paris and already it was turning out to be the most memorable experience of my life.

With Allan Again


4 thoughts on “A Parisian Surprise

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  4. Amazing story… one of the types of experiences in your life that will remain etched for your memory banks forever. Thanks for sharing that touching and exciting short story.. And thanks for sparing us of the … “What we did the first night in Paris” We get it.. Maraming salamat…. I have been there.. and have lots of family there.. well of course I am French/American..


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