MUSIC MONDAY: Already Home by A Great Big World

Something incredible happened over the weekend:  I finished my last academic term for my graduate studies.  I am now a final marketing campaign away from earning my degree.  And I got an amazing send off from one of the more driven professors I’ve had.

It’s this song.


I made the right decision in scheduling all of my classes on a Saturday, and an even better decision to sign up for Copywriting classes.  Although I haven’t really been writing as much as I used to in this blog, attending those classes really filled my journal pages.

Yes, I maintain a blog, an Instagram, a journal and an executive planner.  I write on everything that can contain words.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Anyway, last Saturday, our Copywriting professor returned our television ad scripts.  I was tasked to write something for a travel agency, and I ended up using Le Beau’s Parisian surprise as the setting for the ad.

And he ended up referring this song at the bottom of my paper.

The professor is not that much older than I am, just two or three years ahead, so it was quite easy for me to get his references.  It was a fun class.  It was exactly what I needed to end this journey with.

And this song is perfect, absolutely perfect.  Because I am now a step closer to being with Le Beau forever.

One last paper to complete.  Keep the end in mind.  Know that all roads lead to home.


Lemme know what you think.

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