Exactly 12 today

In the movie This Means War, Chelsea Handler plays best friend to Reese Witherspoon who, after a major heartbreak, dove back to the dating pool and ended up with two amazing men to choose from.  This is the best part of the movie.  In a very rare opportunity, a chic flick dished out the realest and truest advice.

This Means War

Twelve years ago today, he kissed me in their basement, just by the light switch.  Vacationing without my best friend and sister Marga was something I was not so eager to do, but it lead me here today, living in the same house where that basement was.

2004 Carla Allan Wedding Paper Divas Thank You Cards

Back then, all our pictures looked like we were the only two people in New Jersey.  I don’t think I’ve ever had someone look at me the way he did.  I was all he saw.  And my eyes never left him.

It has been exactly 12 years.  I bet no one saw this coming, not even him.


I have spent so much time revering poets and lyricists with their fantastic works of art and music, but today, I have to give it to fate and Le Mari because without him believing that we are destined to be together, I won’t believe it too.

It has been such a rollercoaster ride since he came back in my life.  He came at a time when everything was at its wrong place, and I was losing faith.  He helped me regain it, and I couldn’t be more thankful.  Some may say that is an exaggeration, but only he and I would really know the truth of the matter.

And I’m so grateful that after all these years, we now have more pictures together.  Better, we have family and friends with us too.

Twelve years.  Who would’ve thought?

I love you, Allan.  <3

MUSIC MONDAY: Already Home by A Great Big World

Something incredible happened over the weekend:  I finished my last academic term for my graduate studies.  I am now a final marketing campaign away from earning my degree.  And I got an amazing send off from one of the more driven professors I’ve had.

It’s this song.


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Getting ready

Just received an email from Delta, reminding me that I can check in now.  I cannot believe it; I am only hours away to see Le Beau again.

Via lustingdownthewonderroadsofearth.tumblr.com

Via lustingdownthewonderroadsofearth.tumblr.com

My bag is hardly packed, and I literally mean bag.  It’s been a little over a decade — 10 years and 2 months to be a wee bit more precise — since I last went to New Jersey, so you can only imagine all the knick knacks my clan decided to send to our families there.

That luggage guide sure is handy now.  I only wish it also counted the number of items for the dailies and the undergarms.

I don’t know why I waited so long to come back.  Perhaps there was not enough reason to go back.  And that is not saying family is not reason enough; we’re just always used to having them here.  Now, it’s a completely different story.

I remember a quote from The Last Time I Saw Mother by Arlene Chair, a quote about migrants:

Migrants, I think, are people who are never whole, never completely in one place.  Ours is a fractured existence.

I think that’s completely accurate.  When my cousins are here in the Philippines, we give them such a homecoming and they make no effort in hiding their joy to be back.  But after a while, they start missing a part of their home too and this home starts to feel foreign.  What a wave of emotions.

And maybe, since I’m being so sentimental pre-flight, in a way I am coming home too.  It may not be a place, but the person sure feels like home to me.

Via fuckyeahlongdistancelove.tumblr.com

Via fuckyeahlongdistancelove.tumblr.com

And maybe, that’s too much romanticism for a trip, too much emotions for something that will come to an end at the boarding gate in JFK.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

And maybe, that end is just the beginning.  And it would mean more than just a vacation vacation.

My aunt was teasing my mom, saying that it was a dry run of things to come, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, okay?  I’m just excited that I am actually going on a vacation vacation.  No school to worry about.  No work.  Just a quick vacation.

With Le Beau.


Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest