Lost in Moments

I must have played this scenario over and over in my head and each time, I still was not able to take it all in.

I would be bundled up in a cozy sweater, leggings and knee high boots, my green scarf snug around my neck.  Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, L’Opera, Jardins de Tuileries, Eiffel Tower, Roue de Paris, the Louvre, Versailles, Kilometer Zero, the Catacombs, Musee d’Orsay, I must have seen them over and over in my head.

During a hop on hop off, I overheard another pair of tourists.  Allan was sound asleep on my shoulder, power napping because it has been a long day.  Anyway, perhaps one of them was furiously clicking the camera at every turn because the one she was with said this:  “You keep taking pictures to make everything last longer, but you’re missing the moment.  Moments are the ones you should never miss.  You can live without pictures, but you cannot live without moments.”

I sincerely hope she heeded that advice.

Here are the photos of Paris that we managed to take.  I hope these are enough for your viewing pleasure, but just so you know, we were drowning in so many many moments.

They were never enough, though.


The Jardins de Tuileries weren’t in full bloom.  Weather forecasts showed overcast skies for the next 12 days, and the winds at the time were about 22-25 mph.  Nonetheless, everything still looked so pristine.


He has a lot on his mind.

Allan said, he wanted to show that he had a lot on his mind.  This is a silly guy right here.  Still cannot believe he’s with me.


There were a couple of Middle Easterners who tried to have us sign a petition.  Then out of nowhere, a French police came on his bike and basically ran them off.  He told us they were pickpockets.  Allan didn’t like that.  Almost immediately, we went to the hop-on hop-off tour.  Given that 80% of my day is all about work, this quick ride around the city really was worth it.




He promised to take me here and he did.  It was just too bad that the carousel was being dismantled at the time we were there.


Along Champs Elysees, we saw the brightest pair of shoes ever…


… and a literal car charger.


The streets looked so romantic.  And surreal.  I still cannot believe I am here.


The beauty and Allan.  Hehehe.  The salesman was so nice, he let us in the showroom and let us take so many pictures.


We ended up somewhere near Trocadero, the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower.  To be honest, it wasn’t much in the daylight.






But the Notre Dame Cathedral was absolutely stunning.  This is probably the only architecture we managed to take pictures of.  Most of our long walks at the end of the day weren’t that documented.


The most beautiful stained glass windows.



We totally failed to make this right.



It may have been ordinary in daylight, but at night it was the most perfect structure.  It was beautiful.  It was stunning.


Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset



Allan fell in love with the bread here.


And the weirdest statues.  Hahaha.


We went to where Celine and Jesse met again.


And asked for extra whipped cream on our cappuccinos.


Who else can look at me like this?




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