No Artitude problem here

I’ve always been a fan of everything unique.  I mean, who isn’t?  So when my good friend Algie Mabasa started her own personalized canvas shoe business, I was completely on board.

Artitude is your next step to originality, and I mean it.  Uniting a team of artists and Algie’s sketchbook, she launched this brilliant of an idea raising canvas shoes to the next levels.  It is nowhere near what you see in malls; they exert the most effort in maintaining originality in every pair.  So who won’t fall in love with these then?

Minion A Minion B Superman A Superman B

Algie comes up with a few designs her clients would choose from but in the end, she just asks them one question:  What do you want on your shoe?

“I encourage my clients to design their own shoes and wear their art with pride,” she said.  I cannot believe this is the same lady who, six years ago, was complaining about how difficult it is to be a teenager.  Amazing how exposure to the world can make us mature.  And pride really is a sentiment that should be shared by those wanting to own something close to representing their own individuality.  Artitude brings that to the table.

Ironman A Ironman B Joker A Joker B

This venture started just a little over six months ago and already, she’s preparing shipments to Dubai, Australia and Canada to say the least.  Just last week, we were looking at shipment options for a bulk buyer in Saudi Arabia.  Shoes are flying off the shelves and in the next few months, we will see stilettos.

Cards A Cards B

“This is my favorite Artitude pair, the first ever made, and it was patterned after my original doodle.”  Just goes to show there’s nothing she cannot accomplish huh?

Here’s a sneak preview of her stilettos, and judging by the actual finished goods you saw on top of this post, you can expect that what you see is truly what you will get:

S Lips S Lyrics S Wonderwoman S Bumblebee S Eyes S Ferrari

She was bugging me to make my own creation and in my head, I wonder if these will be acceptable office wear.

But then again, wear anything with pride and everything becomes much more acceptable than the norm.

Order your Artitude personalized footwear on Facebook.  It’s best if you message them with a design in mind, but if you don’t have one yet, Algie and her team have enough creative juices to go around.


Lemme know what you think.

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