Bag ’em. Take ’em and go.

Current fascination:  shoes.  But I can’t be talking about shoes all the time.  That’ll only make me look like I’m trying to be that Imeldific.  Though I do have a goal of having enough pairs to wear one for each day of the year.

Anyway, looking at my closet, not only do I lack proper clothes, but I also lack bags.  So I headed back to my world at Chictopia for inspiration and a lot of ladies there have great choices.  From Alexander Wang to Balenciaga, H&M to Urban Outfitters, Forever21 to vintage items, these ladies have it all.  Now the next step would be having them all in my closet.

And by them, I mean the bags. :)

So yeah.  I am in dire need of shopping and everything superficial that will make me instantaneously happy.  Even for just five minutes.  Or at least the purchase period.  But then again there’s that looming piece of news I am yet to receive.

Hmmmm.  Take them and go. :)