Silly silver lining

It has been a pretty long while since I last featured Chictiopians here in my blog, and to be honest, I really like them.  I don’t know, maybe because their style is so practical and most of it, I can actually pull off without having to expand my closet too much.

Plus there are those recession queens that just find the most adorable pieces.  I wish I can go to more ukay/vintage/thrift shopping.  I think when I’ve trimmed down my paperwork by half, I can finally make way for those trips.  Besides, my friend Ranna loves thrift shopping too.

No specific theme for today.  I just browsed the gallery and made a mental note that I should be able to wear something like this in the near future.  A girl can dream right?

For one, I love her red curly hair.  It pains me most of the time, that I cannot make such drastic changes to fit my weird likings.  It’s almost unfortunate because these curls look so natural; impossible to achieve in a salon or in front of a mirror at home.  And that bow just made me fall for this look so much!  And that bag — ah.  I love the entire look — vintage and romantic.  Find more of Aminta’s stuff here. Continue reading


Oh to be preppy!

One of my biggest frustrations in my styling life (as if) is the fact that I can’t seem to fit myself into prep.  Really.  Something about the school girl outfit is not really synching with my personality.  Maybe it’s my thunder thighs or the fact that my legs are obviously built to run or whatever.  I can’t seem to nail this look.  So I looked it up.  Hahahaha.

According to WikiHow:

Prep is someone who cares about their appearance enough to look good — but not so much that they are superficial. They are clean cut, conservative, classy and classical.

Conservative, I am not.  Classy, maybe on Sundays (MAYBE).  Classical… well, I like Canon in D.

But let’s face it:  since these girls and boys invaded our television sets, prep has once again made its way in the scene (though I believe I am featuring it here far too late).

I know I will only be featuring ladies' looks today, but come on. Who can resist posting Chuck Bass?

So once again, I’ve consulted the fashion minds of Chictopia and some from Pinterest.  I swear these two sites are soooo counterproductive but aaaargh.  It’s addicting.  Who wouldn’t be inspired with these?!  Really?!

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Short is fun and flirty

I believe summer is declared over in our lovely tropical country, especially after typhoons kept coming.  According to reports today, the entire week will be gloomy and rainy because of the southwest winds building up.  Or something like that.  It’s hard to process weather news at 5 in the morning.

What I will miss about summer is the fact that this is the fifth (?) year that I did not miss the beach.  Hahahaha.  But seriously, we will have to bid adieu to short skirts as they were never really friendly with strong wind and rain.

I like short skirts in general and I think it’s mainly because I cannot wear them to work.  My company is quite conservative about hemlines and let’s just say I’ve crossed the line way too many times (and I can only cross it so much).  So there.  I browsed around my favorite fashion community Chictopia for lovely lasses with their fun and flirty skirts.

Oh what I would give to be fun and flirty in the office too.  :)

Awwww.  Now, I miss skirt weather!  Then again, I can always wear longer ones to accommodate the wind. :)  Have a great week, everyone. :)

Maximize me!

So I know summer is not really the place to have too much fabric on your skin, but then, I beg to differ.  Maxi skirts are what I am falling for this month, and that’s because of the fabric.  Soft, flowy, sheer and light, these skirts are actually very comfortable to wear, even if they cover more than half of your body.

Of course the risk of you tripping on your skirt is still there, but once you own one maxi skirt with the right breezy feel, I bet you won’t stop.

Damn it woman!  Get your maxi skirt now!

Print on me.

Just some Chictopians whose prints I fell in love with.

(This post is slightly in mourning since I learned the fact that we’re not allowed to wear prints to this event at work.)