Oh to be preppy!

One of my biggest frustrations in my styling life (as if) is the fact that I can’t seem to fit myself into prep.  Really.  Something about the school girl outfit is not really synching with my personality.  Maybe it’s my thunder thighs or the fact that my legs are obviously built to run or whatever.  I can’t seem to nail this look.  So I looked it up.  Hahahaha.

According to WikiHow:

Prep is someone who cares about their appearance enough to look good — but not so much that they are superficial. They are clean cut, conservative, classy and classical.

Conservative, I am not.  Classy, maybe on Sundays (MAYBE).  Classical… well, I like Canon in D.

But let’s face it:  since these girls and boys invaded our television sets, prep has once again made its way in the scene (though I believe I am featuring it here far too late).

I know I will only be featuring ladies' looks today, but come on. Who can resist posting Chuck Bass?

So once again, I’ve consulted the fashion minds of Chictopia and some from Pinterest.  I swear these two sites are soooo counterproductive but aaaargh.  It’s addicting.  Who wouldn’t be inspired with these?!  Really?!

I love her glasses and that big clutch.

I didn't really think you can goth up prep. But apparently you can.

Coral pants, taupe wedges... I wish I thought of this combo! So relaxed.

That yellow satchel is the perfect pop to this outfit. Then again her blonde locks and white rims could've been contributing factors too.

Of course I still dream of the day when shorts can be considered in a corporate setting. What's not to love?

The soft curls perfectly frames her face and those shoes are just too adorable. I wonder when my thighs will stop looking so big in tights.

Bowtie = <3

Preppy and Nautical!

Chiffon? Check. Dotted? Check. Right amount of mini? Check. <3

I wonder when in the world will I ever be able to pull this off.  I know school girl doesn’t really scream “take me seriously, I know my job very well” but it’s just so chic and simple.  I have a number of meetings coming up and I guess in my head, I dress too appropriately for these things that sometimes, well, I just want to be against the rules.

It wouldn’t really hurt to dream right? :)
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