Silly silver lining

It has been a pretty long while since I last featured Chictiopians here in my blog, and to be honest, I really like them.  I don’t know, maybe because their style is so practical and most of it, I can actually pull off without having to expand my closet too much.

Plus there are those recession queens that just find the most adorable pieces.  I wish I can go to more ukay/vintage/thrift shopping.  I think when I’ve trimmed down my paperwork by half, I can finally make way for those trips.  Besides, my friend Ranna loves thrift shopping too.

No specific theme for today.  I just browsed the gallery and made a mental note that I should be able to wear something like this in the near future.  A girl can dream right?

For one, I love her red curly hair.  It pains me most of the time, that I cannot make such drastic changes to fit my weird likings.  It’s almost unfortunate because these curls look so natural; impossible to achieve in a salon or in front of a mirror at home.  And that bow just made me fall for this look so much!  And that bag — ah.  I love the entire look — vintage and romantic.  Find more of Aminta’s stuff here.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love anything ruffled and dotted.  So the fact that this is a white ruffled top that has to be fitted well in order to look sleek and effortless absolutely PAINS me.  Since the training program, I have gained about 15 pounds, and I’ve been trying to lose them.  This is one look I definitely have in mind for a good almost-Friday Thursday wear.  Fire engine red pants?  Without a doubt.  Love the studs on the heels too.  Find more of Beware Of My Heels’ stuff here.

It is not the first time I featured Camille Co here.  But it’s been raining a lot lately and seeing this rainy shot just reminded me of how much I love the rain, and how inappropriately I have been dressing for it.  Hahahaha.  I aim to grow my hair long enough to pull of that mini bun, but I am yet to muster the courage to have my hair colored in that lovely shade (or any shade for that matter).  The accessories made this outfit look so effortlessly chic; the mustard is something every yellow should aim for.  Find more Camille Co here.

I firmly believe that wide leg pants were built because a lady was smart enough to come up with something applicable for work, play, casual dining and even loungewear.  It’s just the most comfortable thing.  I got mine from BARO and I’ve been eyeing Nude Clothing for my next purchase.  I’ll definitely let you know.  (HAHAHAHA feeling close).  Find more of Jadorelamode’s stuff here.

Now this is something I am yet to try.  I know the lingerie top has been used over and over, but I’ve never really tried it.  I’ve done super sheer tops over lingerie, but never something like this.  So I guess I now have an excuse to whip up a white bustier.  Every woman should have one right?  So it’s not just an impulsive purchase.  It’s more like a completion of necessity.  Find more of Karroline Tolas’ stuff here.

I love this look because I love everything gray.  Loose top?  Check.  Wide leg pants?  Check.  Tassled bag?  Check.  Rockstar Rayban blinds?  Hell yes.  Impossible to not love.  Find more of Maiu’s stuff here.

That Kate Spade bag is something I have been wanting to have, if it weren’t for a much observed period of austerity.  I’ve always loved layered scallop detailing on any outfit, but the recent weight gain (or rather the prolonged weight gain) makes me feel like a giant whale shark every time I try one on.  Oh well.  Confidence should come with a bottle of fairy dust.  Find more of Mayo Wo’s stuff here.

The last time I remember myself sporting good bangs was when I was in Grade 5.  That was it.  I think I was trying to hide my forehead, but then one-length hair styles became the much coveted look and I’ve been switching back and forth to layers and side swept bangs ever since.  Maybe this year, or to kick of 2012, I can sport these bangs already…. provided of course that I have that hair length by then.  Find more of Stolen From Grandma’s stuff here.

Last and certainly not the least is this look by Valerie Caroline.  One must never underestimate the jaw-dropping effect of a statement top and a pair of Jeffrey Campbells.  Find more of her stuff here.

So there you have it.  Or rather there I have it.  I now feel like crap for having to be more prudent in the coming months.  But then again, if prudence is key to giving out amazing holiday gifts and buying great wardrobe as a year end reward, prudent I will be.

But I still wish I can shop now.  Hahahahaha.


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