First weigh in

Okay, so apart from indulging in oh so good poetry in the past month, I have been making food changes and incorporating workout in my daily routine.  I’m quite happy about it actually.  I sleep better, I feel better and my energy is very well spaced.  I don’t feel the need to nap in afternoons and I have been craving less sugar.  I feel like making a success kid meme out of this.  Hahaha.

Yesterday was my first weigh in and sad to say, I gained a full 5 lbs!  They say it might be the muscle build up but I don’t know.  It’s almost demoralizing, knowing the lengths I went through to take care of this thing.


I am now actually worried.  My brother’s wedding is at the end of the year.  Le Beau wants me to try to visit him in August.  I am due for another tattoo in June.  I can’t have rolls of fat all over me.  That’s just not pretty.

I saw this unpopular opinion on 9Gag over the weekend.  It read, “real men love curves, not rolls of fat.”  And that’s just it.  I have rolls of fat.  Hahaha.  It’s funny that it’s not.

Maybe I should manage this better, or add more cardio, or eat better.  I am now looking for rice substitutes.  Has anyone ever tried cauliflower rice?  How was it for you?


Being Asian and not having rice… ugh.  Can you feel my heart breaking?