First weigh in

Okay, so apart from indulging in oh so good poetry in the past month, I have been making food changes and incorporating workout in my daily routine.  I’m quite happy about it actually.  I sleep better, I feel better and my energy is very well spaced.  I don’t feel the need to nap in afternoons and I have been craving less sugar.  I feel like making a success kid meme out of this.  Hahaha.

Yesterday was my first weigh in and sad to say, I gained a full 5 lbs!  They say it might be the muscle build up but I don’t know.  It’s almost demoralizing, knowing the lengths I went through to take care of this thing.


I am now actually worried.  My brother’s wedding is at the end of the year.  Le Beau wants me to try to visit him in August.  I am due for another tattoo in June.  I can’t have rolls of fat all over me.  That’s just not pretty.

I saw this unpopular opinion on 9Gag over the weekend.  It read, “real men love curves, not rolls of fat.”  And that’s just it.  I have rolls of fat.  Hahaha.  It’s funny that it’s not.

Maybe I should manage this better, or add more cardio, or eat better.  I am now looking for rice substitutes.  Has anyone ever tried cauliflower rice?  How was it for you?


Being Asian and not having rice… ugh.  Can you feel my heart breaking?


3 thoughts on “First weigh in

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  2. It was so great to read this! I’m currently having the same problem right now. It’s not easy, and it feels like it would be easier to just give up and go back to eating pizza all the time.. But just remember how good it feels to be healthy. No napping, sleeping better and having more energy. You can do it!!

    • You mentioned pizza and my tummy growled in agreement. Hahaha.

      It almost feels like the body is betraying the mind, but maybe a few more weeks right? And perhaps more changes. It really feels better to be healthy. I wish you the same motivation too. :)

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