First weigh in

Okay, so apart from indulging in oh so good poetry in the past month, I have been making food changes and incorporating workout in my daily routine.  I’m quite happy about it actually.  I sleep better, I feel better and my energy is very well spaced.  I don’t feel the need to nap in afternoons and I have been craving less sugar.  I feel like making a success kid meme out of this.  Hahaha.

Yesterday was my first weigh in and sad to say, I gained a full 5 lbs!  They say it might be the muscle build up but I don’t know.  It’s almost demoralizing, knowing the lengths I went through to take care of this thing.


I am now actually worried.  My brother’s wedding is at the end of the year.  Le Beau wants me to try to visit him in August.  I am due for another tattoo in June.  I can’t have rolls of fat all over me.  That’s just not pretty.

I saw this unpopular opinion on 9Gag over the weekend.  It read, “real men love curves, not rolls of fat.”  And that’s just it.  I have rolls of fat.  Hahaha.  It’s funny that it’s not.

Maybe I should manage this better, or add more cardio, or eat better.  I am now looking for rice substitutes.  Has anyone ever tried cauliflower rice?  How was it for you?


Being Asian and not having rice… ugh.  Can you feel my heart breaking?


Happy thoughts for you and you and you!

I survived the first working week of 2013!  WOOOHOOO!  I think I am off to a good start.

Around this time, I usually share the resolutions I’ve made for the year, and also review what I have achieved for 2012.  I think this time, I’ll skip the heart-to-heart and perhaps just post my to do list for the year.  Besides, a to-do list is less dramatic than resolutions.

And I am vastly known for my drama skillz.

Anyway, I’m preparing now for a good weekend.  I’m hoping to meet up with a friend who’s about to leave for Phuket and stay there for a year.  This little lady has been my friend since childhood, so I’m looking forward to a good talk tonight.

I think it may be the last I see of her. :(

Fate must favor me so much this year because just when I was about to become so darn sad about her leaving, I chance upon this photo:

Happy thoughts

I just get so happy the longer I look at it!  Doesn’t this make your day too? :)

Someone please help me find the owner of this photo so I can credit him/her properly.  And thank him/her sufficiently for kicking off a good weekend.


Work-related eCards

I am a big fan of sarcasm, especially those stemming from a good episode of FRIENDS.

Okay so that wasn’t sarcasm, but it was still funny!  This is sarcasm.


I had a really long morning because my fever was running a little too high.  After getting my medication at the hospital, I decided to look for ecards to make me happy.  Since I feel crappy and all.

And yes, they are all work-related.  HAHAHAHA.


Oh the Philippines survives because of the overtaxed underpaid middle class worker.

I know you can relate.  Feel free to ROFLMAO.


Why People Stared at Me For An Entire Hour at Coffee Bean

I chanced upon this video last night, right before I went to bed.  When I saw the length of the clip, I knew right away that this won’t work for late night viewing.  I have to be wide awake, comfortable and sitting down when I watch it.

Then I made the decision to watch it at Coffee Bean in A. Venue Mall, Makati.  My GOD.  I couldn’t help myself.  I was laughing out loud, snorting, and slapping my thighs.

I remember the people comparing How I Met Your Mother to FRIENDS.  I mean, seriously guys!?  I don’t get it coz the former pales in comparison!!!  My GOD.  I was just laughing my ass off and people started looking and I couldn’t even breathe to explain why.

It’s the ten-year gag reel of the best TV show ever.  So if you’re planning on clicking ‘Play’, make sure you’re seated and have not eaten in the last five minutes.  I watched this while eating Greek salad.  Laptop screen = feta everywhere.

Prepare for the best hour spent online! :)


Daniel Radcliffe sings The Elements

Daniel Radcliffe managed to sing his idol’s The Elements song, a song about (I’m sure you’ve guessed by now) the periodic table of elements.

I wonder if anyone can follow this and do a checklist or something. :)

He’s so adorable!  I wonder when will I ever be able to see him beyond Harry Potter.  He has a film coming up, The Woman in Black.  Dylan and I are not really fans of horror films, but maybe we can make an exception?  What do you think beb?  Hehehe.


By Les Lasaca