Happy thoughts for you and you and you!

I survived the first working week of 2013!  WOOOHOOO!  I think I am off to a good start.

Around this time, I usually share the resolutions I’ve made for the year, and also review what I have achieved for 2012.  I think this time, I’ll skip the heart-to-heart and perhaps just post my to do list for the year.  Besides, a to-do list is less dramatic than resolutions.

And I am vastly known for my drama skillz.

Anyway, I’m preparing now for a good weekend.  I’m hoping to meet up with a friend who’s about to leave for Phuket and stay there for a year.  This little lady has been my friend since childhood, so I’m looking forward to a good talk tonight.

I think it may be the last I see of her. :(

Fate must favor me so much this year because just when I was about to become so darn sad about her leaving, I chance upon this photo:

Happy thoughts

I just get so happy the longer I look at it!  Doesn’t this make your day too? :)

Someone please help me find the owner of this photo so I can credit him/her properly.  And thank him/her sufficiently for kicking off a good weekend.



Lemme know what you think.

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